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  1. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Wilder has fought no one bar Ortiz.... But... The guy knocks folk out for fun... I don't want him to beat aj... I'd love aj to kick his arse... Joshua a much better boxer.. But.... That big gangly yank sees a window and takes the opportunity... Any of the heavyweight division land a punch it's going to ko most men... I defo think the first one to land a knee wobbler in that fight wins it...I just think it will be wilder, I hope I'm wrong,
  2. Boxing At The Weekend...

    I am an aj fan, and I agree it's a punchers chance.. But I think that will be enough to do it.. Ortiz for me was out boxing wilder at weekend. But once wilder landed he hurt... No doubt about it wilder is heavy handed.. As a technical boxer, he's crap... But at the end of a fight he seems to be last guy standing. Ortiz had him hurt at weekend and was there for taking but didn't manage it, a,j has good killer instinct in him,so if hurts wilder would hopefully jump on him... I just think wilder would beat him to it now
  3. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Yep agree with few others, I think wilder will polish off aj