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  1. ADN-EA-15

    Which o/u

    I have a Winchester 101, good gun multi choke, could be bought for a reasonable price if you were interested as I don’t use it much anymore
  2. ADN-EA-15

    Two questions

    Thanks bigmac that's really helpful, I'll give it a go and hopefully get it somewhere smarter than it is now cheers Dan
  3. ADN-EA-15

    Two questions

    Brilliant thanks I will have a look
  4. ADN-EA-15

    Two questions

  5. ADN-EA-15

    Two questions

    Evening all I rarely post anything on but regularly have a look to see what is going on, anyway I have been shotgun shooting and ferreting for a number of years but have just been given my first airgun. It's not pretty, the chap found it whilst moving and had forgotten about it so gave it to me, it is a hw97k and has been some what mistreated so I would like to know the best products and ways to bring the stock, action and barrel back to looking good? Also it has an SMK scope on but the crosshairs seem huge what scope would you recommend? Thanks in advance Dan
  6. ADN-EA-15

    Getting fed up

    All we seem to see in this area now is hares and cwd. I don’t know it they push the rabbits out but there are definitely a lot fewer than there have been in previous years atb dan
  7. ADN-EA-15

    Stolen In Norfolk

    I'm not far from there I'll keep a look out for you sorry to hear that mate b**tards
  8. Done cheers for the link Atb Dan
  9. Done and shared with friends and family Cheers Dan
  10. ADN-EA-15

    Tips And Advice Welcomed Greatfuly

    I borrowed an e collar off a mate tried it tonight works a treat meant I could bring the terrier to heel after the lurcher had made his catch hopefully he'll pick it up quickly so I won't need the collar too long thanks for the advice Atb dan
  11. ADN-EA-15

    Tips And Advice Welcomed Greatfuly

    Thanks lads I'll take that on board and yea I never expected to end up with 2 pups won't be trying it again lol was gifted the terrier by a mate after I already had the lurcher on his own the lurcher is still retrieving so I hope I can stop the terrier before that goes to pot Thanks again atb Dan
  12. ADN-EA-15

    Tips And Advice Welcomed Greatfuly

    i was wondering bout an e collar wasn't sure if it would work or not but must be worth a try don't wanna ruin the lurcher as he coming on quite well on his own Cheers Dan
  13. ADN-EA-15

    Tips And Advice Welcomed Greatfuly

    Ok thanks I will try keep the terrier out the way
  14. hi all, I hve a young lurcher (11 months) and a young terrier (10 months) both are coming on quite well, except that when the lurcher catches a rabbit the terrier chases him about preventing his retrieve! Any tips or advice to help stop him doing this would be greatfuly received they are my first dogs so any advice in general would be great Thanks Dan
  15. ADN-EA-15

    New Patterdale X Jack Owner

    My young terrier is pat x Russell lovely temperament lot of prey drive hopefully I be able to get enough work for him next season