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  1. I’ve been using the jockers in both 28g #6 and 32g #5 and they seem to kill and are a reasonable price
  2. I never realised they would take such large quarry, sounds like I definitely need to look into them more instead of the whippet bred lurcher as lol
  3. Another good thread on here, how do the birds get on with bigger quarry like hares? I guess you have to be on hand quickly to help out?
  4. ADN-EA-15

    Crow Hawking

    She certainly seems to have a taste for those gulls, could do with her on one of my permissions lol
  5. ADN-EA-15

    Crow Hawking

    Ah that makes more sense then
  6. ADN-EA-15

    Crow Hawking

    Probably a daft question moorman but in several of the full pics there’s and ivory coloured handle, is that a knife or something similar? Interesting thread though keep it up
  7. ADN-EA-15

    Crow Hawking

    Great Stuff, you are definitely keeping the gulls in check! Are the gulls not quite a bit bigger than your bird?
  8. I had one for my lurcher when he was young as he was head strong and a general pain in the arse, watched a load of videos on YouTube how to use it properly and it worked a treat he only had a couple belts then just used the beeper on it after that and after a while you just phase it out
  9. ADN-EA-15

    Crow Hawking

    Thanks for that it’s a very kind offer
  10. ADN-EA-15

    Crow Hawking

    Thank you for the kind offer, I’m over in Norfolk
  11. ADN-EA-15

    Crow Hawking

    I agree, just wish I knew someone near by who I could go out and see it in person.
  12. Cheers for the replies. Well looks like a few boxes of 2 3/4 and maybe one or 2 3” for the geese and I should be good to go.
  13. Thanks for the replies, this fits in with what I thought. My 3” o/u is steel proof and I don’t shoot terribly with it so I shall use that. On another note, a gunsmith I spoke to over the weekend said he sells a lot of 2 3/4” steel as people like the 32gm load for driven ducks? Would these be enough on the marsh or is it better to just stick to the 34gm and 36gm 3”? Cheers Dan
  14. I have recently joined a wildfowling club for the season ahead, after speaking to a few friends who also do a fair bit of wildfowling I have been told more than once I should consider buying a 3 1/2” chambered gun? None of the clubs land is on the foreshore it is only really marshland and on the river so is 3 1/2” really necessary or will I be ok to use my normal 3” chambered gun? Cheers Dan
  15. View Advert Briley invector extended chokes 6 used Briley invector extended chokes, fit browning 12g £140 Ono posted Advertiser ADN-EA-15 Date 07/06/19 Price £140.00 Category Shotguns  
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