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  1. Feinwerkbau have always made extraordinary rifles and still do, some of their range today are quite incredible.
  2. Deker


    Still plenty my way!
  3. Deker

    St James Park Lake

    Cheers walshie….I've fished Windsor park, loads of lakes in there and a lot of eels as well!
  4. This question has been asked more than once, 1 gun is a compromise whichever way you want to look at it, but you are probably in the area of HMR or 17/22 Hornet!
  5. It does seem true to say that some regions are still not keen on the HMR for Fox, but the latest Home Office Guide clearly states the HMR is acceptable for them. I do a lot of work with my HMR and I do a lot of foxes. I'm totally easy with the HMR and foxes to a little over 100 yards and the odd opportunist to maybe 150 if all was right, but if that was the norm I'd take something a bit heavier!
  6. No bounty but I charge as required, either the night or the fox, and I always get it wrong, if I charge by the night I'll get 6 fox, if I charge by the fox I get none! Crazy situation in this country, many seem to treat them as pets and feed them thinking they are cute an lovely. I'm in the middle of one job for a lady who wants rid of them in her garden, and she was just telling me about her Mother who lives about 4 miles away and has them in her garden as well, she dare not tell her Mum what she's doing as her Mum feeds them and thinks they are wonderful in her garden!
  7. Deker

    Decent day out

    I'm no expert on the Zander, haven't seen one for years but that was my first though as well!
  8. Deker

    Sewer trout

    Interesting stuff, and it never ceases to be amaze me what comes out of some water!
  9. Right opposite the Palace...….. I was in London for the day yesterday and happened to see a Common the size of a Submarine close to the bank of this lake, never even thought about it before but is fishing allowed here or other lakes like the Serpentine etc? Anyone know, and anyone know what else may be in them? Cheers
  10. Much like Rimfireboy above...……. Whatever floats your boat, I get the Springer out from time to time (I have no desire to get rid of it) but all that does is convince me the PCP is the best thing I ever did air rifle wise!
  11. Deker

    Been offer,d a night out shooting

    Good luck, hope its a productive evening!
  12. Deker

    Champions league final

    I think Liverpool will win, unless they get beaten of course!
  13. Deker

    Few pics

    Some stunning scenery in Scotland. I had to fly up to Largs last Thursday for the day, first time there, commercialised but still amazing!
  14. Deker

    FAC Inbound, time to shop

    http://www.federalpremium.com/products/rimfire.aspx Whatever your experiences with .22lr/HMR in the wind you will actually find the .22lr is WORSE in crosswind than the HMR, compare some yourself in the link above! .22lr HV is certainly worth exploring and can definately be useful, but you will currently NEVER match a HMR performance with a HV .22lr.
  15. Deker

    A brute

    Glad its not just me that has problems yanking them up trees now and again, even with the Roe!