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  1. I was a great fan of Dr Feelgood, saw them regularly at the Lord Nelson in Holloway Road long before they had a record deal. Place was always packed!!!
  2. I cut my teeth on the Anschutz in the target world many years ago, it was such a different gun to the pretty much industry standard Martini at the time. Beautiful, a joy to hold and shoot, and accurate. At that time they did little for field use, it was primarily target. BRNO (CZ) was common for the field and then later on the Sako hunter turned up and made a real impression. You will not go wrong with Anschutz, Sako or CZ, whatever floats your boat and whatever you want. Just the same, as regards field work, I struggle to believe anyone can get better results than their CZ de
  3. Strange as it obviously seems to you, some of us have a genuine interest in this topic and would like to see a conclusion to it, and that would be served by PROOF. Unfortunately it becomes increasingly frustrating when we are constantly assured by someone here they have PROOF, but refuse to show it for reasons nobody can fully understand. Then, when they question the situation, are constantly abused. And so it goes round and round, the same old excuses for pretty much the 5 years+ life of this thread!! If there is PROOF, then I, and I suspect many more here would appreciate seein
  4. I would take as many pictures/videos as I could and make as much money out of the whole affair as possible. Your excuses and protestations about not showing anything that PROOVES the existence of Big cats in this country has worn stupidly thin in my book. And for the record, I have not called you a liar!!! What is the point of this thread if you have seen the proof but refuse to show any of it? What are you doing with this thread if you don't care what other people think, just go away and continue your quest by yourself then, and stop being so irrational and abusive to so many others
  5. Ok, here we go again, where is the video, why do we have to take your word for it, what excuse is there now for keeping the video a secret???? If that video exists why is it not being posted, it would apparently prove their existence and bring this thread to a close with all the non-believers put in their place?????!!!!!!
  6. LGBTQ+ John Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzjohn!
  7. Other than a few lakes where there is a little variety, it's all Canada geese round this way, non stop problem all year!!!
  8. That looks like a different design of RWS box to mine, anyway, I do quite like them, but just bought a couple of boxes a while back to try and they work well in my 452. Since then vast quantities of CCI and Winchesters subs have come my way so haven't touched the RWS for ages!
  9. I watched for some reason. It was definitely designed to be pro their existence, without any concrete evidence, a similar show could easily have been presented disproving their existence simply with different editing. As I have said numerous times, I fully accept that years back some were deliberately released and no doubt a few escaped, but as regards breeding populations, or even survivors now, the odds must be incredibly low!
  10. Fun or serious, sometimes a fine line, anyway, I have time for SD and FD so hope this is sorted!
  11. Don't know his intended use but I love my .22WMR.
  12. Whatever that group of videos shows it doesn't even begin to convince me that is a BIG cat! June 2017 this thread started, and people have been looking for them a LOT longer than that, fakes, distorted pictures, drunks, etc., etc, still not a single bit of proof. Seems odd to me if they are out there, just saying!!!
  13. Do what you like, there will be every answer from Never, to Every time I use it. MY centrefires get a Proper clean every time, my rimfires less often these days. My .22LRs are exclusive sub sonic lead, and whilst the ammo (powder) is filthy, they seem to work pretty well for a while. My WMR is faster and copper coated so needs more attention. My HMR is a pain to clean primarily because of the tiny bore. ALL of them benefit from keeping clean. All I would say is, if you are going to clean do it CAREFULLY, THOROUGHLY and PROPERLY. A quick cleaning attempt is likely to rai
  14. its very quiet...what happened to Pez79?
  15. Always considered 20lb+ was a big fox! I have one site that does seem to deliver them more than most, but 20 pounders not that common for me!
  16. Anyway, what are peoples opinions on the latest big black cat sighting video???
  17. Only just noticed that, as far as I was aware the 42 were made in Australia, are they made in the USA as well, if so, are you saying they are different to the Australian ones?????
  18. Not used the 42 at all yet, but got 500+ of new (old stock) 40g from a pal a few weeks back, seem fine! Have they actually stopped making the 40g, I think they have?
  19. My words exactly some years ago when I took all those squirrels out of a site, I can't even remember myself now, I think it was about 170 total. One off job, the place was infested, as it happens it was me that did it, many could have done the same, probably never be repeated. 4.5 days on site, this was after a couple of days!!
  20. but I sort of know what you mean, the farms, etc I regularly look after just keep going with steady 1-2 maybe 3 a session. I seem to get a lot of one off school work and get some of the highest nightly totals from them, 5-6 is quite common in a night. I remember one school over Hayes way I took a total of 15 over 3 nights (biggest number on the last night), and one in sight of City Airport, 7 in one night, but there were plenty more at both. They never want regular visits, they will call me back when the numbers get to high again!
  21. I actually like a clear night and full moon, never seemed to be a problem. I can also remember a fare few full moon nights I have gone all night with just the scope, rather than any lighting or NV used at all!
  22. Whatever, I have a large farm a couple of miles north east of Oxford. All the other usual suspects, but Roe, Fallow, and Muntjac, in that order. A few Hare as well, that is uncommon for me as I next to never see any in Berkshire!
  23. Not used 200gn, 180 heaviest I've used, but the 150 work fine for me anyway!
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