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  1. dave platts' saracen

    Don't know nothing about this dog but just seen a litter advertised from it, maybe ring them n ask
  2. Trip To Mr Hopton

    Never seen a haul like it, be lucky to see that many about here for the full season, well done lads
  3. Nice Stroll On The Hills

    Yer a luck man to b able to go out during the day and see that much rabbits, what part off Scotland you in mate, I am central and I think you would be lucky to see that amount of rabbits during the day
  4. Need Good Stud For My Whippet X Bull Bitch

    doesn't look like it could run the length of its self, looks like one that needs chucked out a motor to catch anything
  5. Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    Good luck finding one mate
  6. Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    I will see what's about when i am back from holiday in a couple weeks, if nothing else interests me I will give him a call, I don't need anything fancy or from top working lines as I will be mostly just be rabbits and the odd bigger rabbit and I think most lurchers will take rabbits
  7. Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    they'll prob be more versatile,Picking hairs but add makes no sense, that whippet is pups grandsire but parents aren't off a whippet I see what you mean mate, he is obviously talking shite somewhere in the ad, shame aswell as I was thinking of getting one
  8. Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    Can only take the mans word for it mate like everything else, a bet there's some on here that say my dog does this and that, but actually just lay about the house/kennel. I suppose you could ask him to see some pics/videos of his day out, it's something like this I'm after, 22-24 tts and smooth coated
  9. Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    Not a bedlington x whippet but this litter sounds a decent mix. Thinking of getting one for myself. https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/1696697-quality-lurcher-pups-carlisle.html
  10. Autumnsrs Here

    aye broxi I am in central Scotland but there isn't really that much rabbits near me I need to travel 30mins-1hour for a decent night on the rabbits, anyway have a good season mate and enjoy
  11. Autumnsrs Here

    Nice one mate, can't wait to get a pup and be back at it next season, is this in Scotland?
  12. Show Us Your Pups

    Some nice pups on here, going to try get myself a pup when I am back from holiday in a couple weeks
  13. Starting Work

    Ive not ran that many dogs but I started mine at 11-12 months, some dogs might be ready sooner than others but I just waited till I thought he was ready for a run, an old boy down the road from me said if its male wait till it starts cocking its leg for a piss but I don't even remember what age mine started cocking his leg to piss
  14. Hunter

    U will have wiped everything out before the season properly starts mate, a few rabbits aye but is there any need to be killing 20+ rabbits a night before the season has properly started,