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  1. Northernlite can you empty your inbox so I can message you
  2. Hey Northernlite I'm looking for one can you give me there name then I can contact them on fb.. Cheers mate
  3. Northernlite Im looking for a beddy x Cross or dh Cross or collie lurcher can you point me into the right direction please
  4. Does anyone have contact details for dave platt...or any deerhound greyhounds.. Thankyou
  5. View Advert Air arms tx 200.22 Tx 200 I’m very very good condition no scratches or marks very smooth to shoot and accurate. Comes with lots of accessories. Air arms screw on silencer good quality hawk scope v match mounts. Lazer range finder. 3000 pellets top quality gun slip. Scope mounted lamps. Hand help lamping lamp with filters. Camo poncho. Skinning knife.. £500 Ono... 07751443824 Advertiser Cas Date 08/09/18 Price
  6. Beddy Whippet collie View Advert Anyone got any beddy Whippet collie pups for sale Advertiser Cas Date 02/08/18 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  7. Just my sense of humour
  8. Was that along time ago lol
  9. Now now let’s not be falling out please
  10. Yea me to can’t beat saying it as it is
  11. lol yea your probs right there
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