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  1. Broxi

    Big numbers in one night

    I would need to walk for a month just to see that amount of rabbits
  2. Broxi

    whippet x greyhound

    That would suit me perfect, nice dog looks like it would be quick
  3. Broxi

    whippet x greyhound

    I would quite like a whippet x greyhound x with a saluki or collie x greyhound
  4. Broxi

    Hopefully get a pup back

    Ideal mate, sound like they will be handy animals. If you could only pick 1 pup what litter would you choose from?
  5. Broxi

    Hopefully get a pup back

    What age are the sire and dam mate, have they had a few seasons of hard graft?
  6. Broxi

    A Good Pick Up

    Nice pups, was just having a look through and these seem like they would be ok for the rabbits https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/triangle-flat/dogs-puppies/whippet-x-kelpie/1179027948
  7. Broxi

    Walk in the sun

    Looks good mate, where about in scotland is that
  8. Broxi

    Best all rounder

    My cousin used to run 1 of these and it was one of the best bitches i have seen run
  9. Broxi

    dave platts' saracen

    Don't know nothing about this dog but just seen a litter advertised from it, maybe ring them n ask
  10. Broxi

    Trip To Mr Hopton

    Never seen a haul like it, be lucky to see that many about here for the full season, well done lads
  11. Broxi

    Nice Stroll On The Hills

    Yer a luck man to b able to go out during the day and see that much rabbits, what part off Scotland you in mate, I am central and I think you would be lucky to see that amount of rabbits during the day
  12. Broxi

    Need Good Stud For My Whippet X Bull Bitch

    doesn't look like it could run the length of its self, looks like one that needs chucked out a motor to catch anything
  13. Broxi

    Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    Good luck finding one mate
  14. Broxi

    Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    I will see what's about when i am back from holiday in a couple weeks, if nothing else interests me I will give him a call, I don't need anything fancy or from top working lines as I will be mostly just be rabbits and the odd bigger rabbit and I think most lurchers will take rabbits