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  1. Pups first season

    Be a good dog for all game over here.Gotta get one.
  2. old basil..

    Some strange practices,but as said a least he fed some meat and the ferret looked decent although a bit fat.Sometimes the good old days sucked.
  3. Best ducks to breed for meat

    I've got an old bath here I will set up for them so I can drain it,I'd like them to have a happy life while there here.
  4. Raw diet

    Mine do well on chicken mince with eggs and a little kibble,but I like giving a little red meat with the bone{roo here}and gutted rabbits(frozen for 2 weeks).Have fed my dogs on just roo with the bones for a couple of weeks and they looked like skeletons with muscle.
  5. Best ducks to breed for meat

    I was thinking the same thing
  6. What are you feeding yours?

    Mine hate eating rabbit,give chicken necks and carcases and cat kibble and eggs Always come straight out after a kill.
  7. LYNX OR NOT??

    I don't think they should reintroduce predators where there been wiped out.They were killed off as they had no place in our over human populated world.Why bring them back to suffer the same fate again,theres no place for them anymore.
  8. advice on when to breed my bitch

    My Russell bitch mated the first day in season,and for three weeks after.had a whippet bitch only mated at 21 days.when they twist their tail up when you pat their lower back and stick their twat out its usually time,but all bitches are different.
  9. Rip poppy

    What a pair of c'nuts.
  10. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    Foxes for sure,when I worked on a golf course we would find at least one headless cat a week from the local foxes.Good job too, cats were forever scratching up the greens.
  11. Protection from barbed wire

    I reckon if you put a protective chest plate on a running dog they would likely not jump as well getting the jacket caught on the fence and get more rips trying to get off the fence.Also would slow them down too much for fast game.Best thing is teach them to jump fences young and after a rip or two will learn to be careful when clearing them.They used to use just a thick,wide collar on roo dogs in the old days.
  12. Spaniel X Running Dog

    Had a dog years ago was a cocker,cattle dog,whippet used him on everything from rabbits to pigs.He was fast as fck and would try and kill anyone who messed with you.Looked a lot like the dog above.A great all round dog.
  13. Rip poppy

    Better to die working than waste away in a kennel.R.I.P warrior Poppy.
  14. Braking a ferret to a terrier

    I always let my young ferrets play with my lurcher bitch who mothers them.Older ferrets usually get used to the dogs when they hunt with them,and get to know the dogs are there allies.I've had hobs who come out of warrens and savagely attack the dogs every time,these are rehomed to ferreters that don't use dogs.
  15. How much ?

    I don't think its a lot of money when you consider upkeep, training,time and fuel to spots but not many would sell a truly good working dog with no vices.I'd rather start with a pup.