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  1. Hob too old to breed???

    I bred my hob at eight and got 6 kits.You might find the other hob that didn't mate will try to bonk the mated hob when he returns due to scent.Better keeping apart till the hobs come off season.
  2. black ferrets

    Probably a good one to get nicked and use him to put the jills out of season if you don't want kits.Nice looking animal,shame its not working for you.
  3. Mooch on Dartmoor

    Wouldn't let that one go,he's a ripper.
  4. black ferrets

    Might be too much of a pet,but not many don.t work rabbits.Try less food ,if that fails leave it home with the mrs and get some workers.
  5. black ferrets

    Its no bull ,mate had a big ferret like in the pics years ago would put out foxes and used to pit it against brown snakes.
  6. black ferrets

    Tried him on foxes?
  7. Marking !

    My bitch will run flat out to a warren and tip toe the last 10m,have a sniff and back off waiting for the nets to be set.As good as watching the chase,almost poetry.
  8. I agree with you Navek the first pits that came over here were from latent fighting dogs and most were lousy guards.The pits here now are mostly cur bred but some of these non fighting dogs are awesome guards and very protective of their owners.
  9. I've got two pit cross am bulldogs who hate intruders and will deal with them.They may be there to steal your stereo but they might be there to rape or murder your family,so I have no problem with dogs protecting my home and loved ones.I live in a remote area and can't rely on law enforcement to react quickly in a emergency.
  10. greyhound x greyhound x deerhound.

    Cheers mate.
  11. greyhound x greyhound x deerhound.

    I'd def be interested,I nearly took her brother too out of that litter he was a black and white hairy dog and a lot taller.Ended up getting a bitch 2 years later but lost her to a grass seed in the lung at 2 1\2.There the best ferreting dogs I've seen work.
  12. greyhound x greyhound x deerhound.

    N Not as good as your mum.
  13. greyhound x greyhound x deerhound.

    Thanks mate,the mum was whippet cross staghound and the dad a big working type whippet.When you see her next to a whippet she's leggier and bonier built.She has a very strong empathy for ferrets.
  14. greyhound x greyhound x deerhound.

    I run a smaller but similar type, whippet cross whippet/stag(deer/grey)great feet, fast as fck, perfect for the rocky,hiily country.Has caught thousands of rabbits in her 5 1/2 years a great mate and a once in a lifetime dog.
  15. Rabbit population

    Sounds like a virus.I've just moved to an area that was overrun by rabbits 5years ago now none about for 50 km radius.Looks like sometimes the rabbit doesn't bounce back.Hope its not the same for you.Hunting can be bad also,I accidently wiped out an isolated population on a property doing pest control,no rabbits seen there for three years.