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  1. Using a dog like a ferret?

    I;d have to see these dogs working to believe it,can't see any dog working its way through a normal warren,so lets see a vid or at least see a pic of them working,sounds a load of crap to me.I'd like to be proved wrong.
  2. Using a dog like a ferret?

    Puting a dog into rabbit warrens is sure to end in tears.Best getting 2 ferrets and a dog that don't drop in for bushing to the lurcher.You wan't to enjoy your days hunting not turn it into a nightmare.Some of the warrens here barely fit a big hob,let alone a dog.
  3. Fell terrier cross

    I've always wanted a terrier/ whippet,think they would be great ferreting in bushy areas and around buildings,wood piles and creeks.Heard there a bit hard to handle and keep up with.They use them here on pigs in blackberries and thick tea tree.I think some could be too noisy chasing rabbits but would still like one.
  4. Fleets first day out

    Yeah I think they miss a lot of education in their early months if kept at home in cotton wool,sure they miss catching a lot of game at a young age but I've never seen this dampen their spirit for later,but then I've always had hunting line dogs,maybe pet or show stuff might be different.
  5. Fleets first day out

    I can't see what holding a ferreting dog back is going to do.I've always taken pups along as soon as they can follow you.Also walked them as pups through thick scrub,slows them down to avoid obstacles later in their carreer.
  6. That's it

    Push the skin back over the wound and apply manuka honey, bandage and change every 3 days.Stop dog licking with collar or bucket.Should heal in around 3 to 4 weeks.Any honey should work but manuka is best.Make sure bandage not too tight.Just fixed a bitch with a big wrist skin rip done on tin sheet while ratting.
  7. Barbed wire

    All my dogs get cut on wire when young but soon learn how not to.Almost unavoidable to a working lurcher,you just hope its not a career ending injury.You can.t keep him in cotton wool.
  8. Strange bred

    Looks like he'd be handy on most game here,and guard your truck.
  9. Anyone got this cross?

    I don't like the idea of crossing any breed back to a wild ancestor.We bred away from wolfs,dingo etc for thousands of years to get away from unwanted wild traits that made them hard to live with.Its like going backwards in evolution.Our ancestors were able to handle these animals but I'm guessing modern men are not as hard as the men of 10 000 years ago.
  10. A Ferrets Value ?

    I've found ferrets from too close breeding can be bitey and hard to handle.I think its more the work and experience you put in front of them than their breeding from workers,although working line ferrets might have bigger percentage of good workers in the litter and would be quicker too learn the ropes.
  11. Ted Sealyham/Russell pup

    Good control over a terrier and nice pup.
  12. Anyone got this cross?

    A mate had a straight cross dingo/English bull was the best pig dog he ever owned.In western oz they use dingo/whippet/bull terriers on pigs in the thick hot dry scrub as are small, fast and can handle the heat.The dingos are immune to paralysis ticks near the coast as are the cattle dogs which have a good dose of the wild dog blood.I don't have the personality to own a dingo,would end up shot.
  13. Anyone got this cross?

    Pups would have great recall.
  14. Anyone got this cross?

    Great kids pet.