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  1. Luke what about that kid saying a 20" Beddy whippet can run all day out on the hill,if it didn't jack chances are it would be crippled in an hour .

    1. Havelightforcewilltravel


      A don’t think half ppl on here have even ran dogs mate or they look through rise tinted glasses lol hope all is well 👍

    2. MickC


      Sound mate, just waiting of a Greyhound I've got in to come into season.Going to put a mates Deerhound dog over one of me halfx bitches later on, get some big stuff Mick .

    3. Havelightforcewilltravel


      You back into bigger stuff mate ? What kind deerhound blood you using ? Have you got many dogs in at the moment this ban and daft c**ts on Facebook got game on its knees 

  2. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Morning all

    Hello and welcome what part Northumberland you from ?
  3. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Best all rounder

    Everyone s opinion is different for perfect all rounder.Get dog bred what suits you and your needs.
  4. Havelightforcewilltravel


  5. Havelightforcewilltravel


    Can u put link up for chronicle please.
  6. Havelightforcewilltravel


    In the Newcastle area ?
  7. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Best all rounder

    People prefer certain xs and get set in there ways or for what they do that dogs the right x for them just human nature,a run saluki lurchers as for what a do there the perfect all rounder.But that don’t mean there everyone’s perfect all rounder.
  8. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Best all rounder

    It’s each to there own the bull x in right hands off right breeding excel at what there bred for but the same can be said for all other xs to 1 person and we’re he runs a certain x may be the perfect all rounder but to someone else will be no use.
  9. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Terrier mistakes

    What kinds earth s was he working ?
  10. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Terrier mistakes

    Is the dog still keen for work ? There’s lot different reasons but you will only know yourself as you were there when dog done what he done if you can live with him making mistakes he staysif you can’t he has to go.1 thing though you will always be waiting for him to make a mistake now.
  11. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Pre ban mountain \ white hare

    Lot lads started coursing pups off on these but take average adult dog up and won’t miss many.
  12. Havelightforcewilltravel

    lit it snow

    Glad you got back safe and sound bet some off here wishing you froze to death
  13. Havelightforcewilltravel

    lit it snow

    We been stood down since Tuesday on £27 pound a day, Kids off school too wind real bad here at min.
  14. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Only one ???

    Love lamping rabbits but nothing comes close to daylight roe so that would be my choice.
  15. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Out Ratting

    Hope you s have good day give me report when you get home.