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  1. Thing

    Either a strawberry tumour or a papillomas easy fixed and nothing to worry about.
  2. Thing

    What’s coming out when u squeeze it ?
  3. Could she be in season

    All bitchs different but I generally find first season much heavier and bleed a bit longer.
  4. Could she be in season

    Could be the start of a season or maybe a slight infection I have had bitchs come in season at 8 months before give her few days see if any blood or discharge.
  5. Deerhound / Greyhound

    Would this be Kim that’s in Pup now ? Or a different bitch.
  6. A bad Monday

    Had bad season for injuries young bitch hit tree broke atlas bone in neck recovered from that and has been running well then went and done tendon in back wrist,then her litter brother jumped into a moving car and damaged shoulder both out til next season.
  7. A had pair out this litter dog was proper woolly.
  8. tips for newbie

    Nothing wrong with saluki xs off the right lines and reared and entered right😉
  9. bone man northumberland

    Just think he sick of all hassle at min people ringing all time to get dogs checked.
  10. bone man northumberland

    Am led to believe SD ain't checking dogs for randoms at min only certain ppl and not having a go but don't think he be to happy his name up on forum.
  11. Another out for a bit

    Thought you were going to get Fenn in shape to run with Mario hope everything ok.
  12. Working a bitch while in season

    If you keep on top of fitness keep her going til the 8 week mark when milk comes on then lay her off but some bitches go all to pot when in season you ll know her so just keep eye on her.
  13. New Darcy Book

    Be hard to get interviews now the way things are already done interviews with old school coursing lads in previous books no one worth getting an interview off as would bring too much attention to them a would think.
  14. Few pics of the squadron

    A thought you would regret keeping 1 repeat mating maybe!! Wrist injuries are a nightmare hopefully you get him right again before end season am having bad luck with injuries this year but we keep chipping away.
  15. Few pics of the squadron

    Cheers for that a thought he was Razor bred just could nt remember.Have you heard how pups doing out of him ? Seen few pics of couple on here just wondered how rest turning out.Thanks in advance.