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  1. Rabbiting Dogs

    That's the important thing watched my lad plough into hedge last Sunday when rabbit jinked
  2. RIP Dolores O Riordan

    Shame that liked the cranberries. RIP
  3. Marking !

    That's some tough looking ground you hunt mate credit to you atb
  4. Marking !

    Mine sticks his head in then takes big breaths then I get him out because the next thing he will do is dig. Better than no mark, sometimes he just sits next to hole and stairs at me and won't move of the hole.
  5. Rabbits give worms?

    Thought as long as you took the guts out no problem ?
  6. Forest and hill hunting.

    On my permission a lot of the burys are in woodland, my dog now 3 loves that kind of terrain. Exiting stuff watching them jink through and jump all sorts of obstacles, reckon dog needs good brain in order process all the dangers fast. When he was around 2year old dog picked up a couple of puncture wounds that wernt that deep so healed well. Next week I'm doing a pine copse that's always exciting, other things we play it by ear. I always try to keep dog next to me as much as poss don't want him hunting up front. When he was younger would put front paw through collar so on 3 legs to keep him by my side. Lol
  7. Odd things you have found....

    Don't suppose it were a different cat maybe ? Had the same thing happen they were pakis.
  8. Non payment

    Go to council offices grab some small claims court forms, fill one out stick through door or post. Always works costs nothing More effective than threatening to drill holes in there kneecaps Good luck
  9. Wild boar bit mans fingertip off

    When I asked my kiwi mate what dogs best for pig hunting his reply was any medium sized mutt from the pound. Imagine a high percentage jack
  10. Pre ban section

    Yes it is a shame mate
  11. f***ing disgusting

    Yeah agreed needs hanging, its the only way to make these sick fuckers think twice.
  12. Odd things you have found....

    Found some pope fish in a puddle next to the Thames
  13. Pre ban section

    No that would be ilegal. However story's of deer, fox and hare coursing pre ban of course. Would be good to hear and chat about. Just a thought if it can be separate then we can post our old pre ban story's etc. W