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  1. River Erbo

    Nice one mate cat fish are over rated any way IMO 3 40lb carp more than makes up for it being out the river they would have pulled some. Were they all commons, any pics mate.
  2. Mass shooting in texas

    Children among the dead ffs Seems all to easy for a nutter to get these sort of arms A hand gun or shot gun would have been bad but would of been overpowered I would imagine. But machine guns, they belong in the hands of soldiers not Joe public imo Rip
  3. Dirt fishing find

    Off to see me old mum tomorrow she lives on south coast right next to the beach so will have a couple of hours there. Have had a few bits of jewelry down there and quite a bit of modern coin in the past.
  4. Best looking car

    Was that the guy that made his own motorbikes
  5. Dirt fishing find

    That's a good price for a top detector mate If you don't need the money may as well keep hold of it. Its something that I blow hot and cold on but normally once or twice a year I do a bit. Summer for fishing Autumn early winter dirt fishing Winter work the dog
  6. What you listening to at the moment.

    Bloody fireworks on village green
  7. Best looking car

    Twin forty's that would fill your sump with petrol
  8. Best looking car

    Standard upgrade on the v6 version lol Mate had a 3.1 the rear 2 cylinders were bored out not for performance but to thin the water jacket to stop it from overheating. Cars today are much faster but they don't seem half as fast or scary.
  9. Dirt fishing find

    He really lived a varied life never tried dowsing for any thing other than water pipes just happens I guess you know its there some where its a strange thing for sure not sure how it works Are you selling your detector and packing it in mate
  10. Dirt fishing find

    Yes my old man worked on the waterboard for 40 years he was the same. I also own some copper rods used them last week to locate a water service and was bang on. Be great if they worked for gold and silver
  11. Dirt fishing find

    Looks a good pint that Dido Much more sensible idea, ever tried dowsing
  12. Dirt fishing find

    You should maybe check out mud larking on you tube Aqua chigger done a good video, if you can time things with really low tides the banks of the river Thames London embankment are loaded with goodies mate
  13. Best looking car

    When I think of all the Elsie's I owned and my gsxr 1100m Gutted they gone but glad to be alive
  14. Best looking car

    Sunbeam horizon lotus always fancied one of those. Holbay hunter was another have owned a lot of cars in my time lots of ford mk1 escorts rs and mexico wish I still had them now would be worth a mint
  15. Dirt fishing find

    Nice not too far from me that. I used to carp fish the Thames around there.