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1 hour ago, FairLaw said:

Steady type, level headed, sister to the black bitch but not as wreckless, no quit in her and that's all you can ask for.

I've found the brown/chocolate types alot easier to kennel and more steady in their work all round,my Black's loved to work,but couldn't be trusted with other dogs or bitches,you needed eyes in your arse with em...all long gone ?got some Russell types now for knocking about and the odd dig?image.jpg.e44265cc1ceb4096498c3a7dd6205f48.jpg389727152_20160221_1143572.jpg.343cbc4616e01b0060e8b99839562fad.jpg

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1 minute ago, foxdropper said:

Wish you’d told me that 40 years ago .Dog fights been the story of my life .

Do you still have a few about you Tim?Can't say I miss,coming home,letting them out the runs only for them to lock on to each other and not make a noise ?used to have 100 litre barrels placed around the yard...pick them up...hold them under till they left go...drop the stupid cnuts down,they come back around and straight back at it?

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