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Pup out helping the local keepers, atb At 

Just got him out, just over 8 hours...... home bath, pjs on then bed.....

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48 minutes ago, neil b said:

You keep a very nice type of terrier matey 👍

thank you 👍 he's a pretty boy a out and out bayer until your just about to uncover him then he head holds 

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4 hours ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

Nice dog Glyn, they almost have their own look them ones you keep now.👍🏻

cheers i suppose they do , but  I still get tiny nuttall types in litters 

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On 02/03/2019 at 21:28, Glyn..... said:

gifted ,sell do what you want to do but keep it honest about the dogs , i have in the past filled other mens kennels , and once was royal f****d over,other if you gave them two rats they'd manage to breed mice, i've just bred a litter and gave them away all to working homes and hopefully they will do the job , i paid the stud reared them and then placed them ... my old chap god rest him couldn't get his around giving pups away , as he said "if you walked into someone house and said thats a nice TV would they give you it , would they f**k your f***ing mad"  he had a point all i know is i'll gift  pups but i'll never fill another mans kennel again , to make a mistake doesn't make you stupid but if you keep doing it then you are !  





















The vast majority of dogs in continental Europe must be carrying some of your breeding via Tom/Grom.

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22 minutes ago, tinytiger said:

The vast majority of dogs in continental Europe must be carrying some of your breeding via Tom/Grom.

yes it does seem that way at least some are getting worked , I sold 3 pups to R.Schwab back in 2000 and they've had a huge impact, but so has R.Cloots Nuttall bred terriers  

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