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  1. Thats the job hopefully good frost by then I get few days off with ruff weather I tips on with the terriers then hounds be out more iswell I don't mind been down a days wages in the winter the hunting makes up for it lol
  2. In fairness his name speaks for itself he thought me enough time to take over lol weather changing thank god
  3. Good day shovel shy good dig top it off good.scent early on got very warm then in afternoon looking forward to next weekend
  4. Handy 1 early on second not so easy under 2 be bows of timber !!!
  5. Met a few fox's scent was decent early on got very warm doh we were at cover inall for 6.10 but got to 8 o clock was to warm was nice to get out and get bit done getting fitter as weeks go by younger dogs pushing on that bit more good to see !!
  6. Good hunting this morning hopefully weather gets cooler get longer out the won't be long getting fit !!!
  7. How are the hounds going for you ?
  8. Hes a Welsh hound toolebox I pups on the ground at the minute off him
  9. Back at it early this morning nice to get them a run out !!! Shovel shy is also shy of the camera aswell as the shovel
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