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12 hours ago, dillydog said:

You're presuming I've never stripped a dog, I've done both for years, clipping, stripping, same result. Rabbit hunters dogs coat started right, got clipped, came back right, what's to know ?

Does hand stripping give the coat super powers ?

I've clipped a couple out in the yard a few weeks ago, you're welcome to run your hands over them, you won't find any soft coats here

first thing I noticed about your dogs in the flesh was their coats.....best type imo,nothing soft or fluffy about them.....

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1 hour ago, Glyn..... said:

5 months old 


He's a cracker Glyn, looks like he'll make a fine strong dog

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9 minutes ago, Dig-deep-draw-charlie said:

Spoke to the transporter, said he can pick it up on Saturday for me 😂🤣

I can pick it up myself Friday......that's nice that 👍

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3 hours ago, Glyn..... said:

5 months old 


That's a okay terrier but be better if it had it's coat clipped then gently hand stripped, ears plucked and ass waxed  😂 atb mate

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