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Thermal spotters

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18 minutes ago, paulus said:

Just because you can see its heat image, it does not necessarily  mean your going to catch it, Daytime, personally i would rather a dog with a good nose find it, Fieldcraft and all that. What next digital rangefinders to calculate how far the dog has to run Lol 

spots you can do that but a high preydrive dog with a good nose will cause you real hassle hunting like that 

you can walk keep to hedge track foot path  etc then break cover to get the run your not stuck out like a sore thumb then mate 

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Or just go out lamping in the day that's what we do these lads are missing a trick the thick cs

Can the provident bloke sort one 

Ordered one this morning off Scott country the Hik Lynx 10mm should be okay for what i want and thanks to Igz off here for the messages. I thought if i started with a lower end one and get used to it

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41 minutes ago, myersbg said:

Lots slag thermal off, i always say if they were the same price as a lamp every one would have one 

Imo good thing they are a decent price or there would be nothing left to hunt a lot sooner than may be the case with some quarry. Great for runners and hunters but for those that are out with rifles at night and shoot everything they see with thermal, it will soon dry up as it's way too easy. Hopefully that won't happen anytime soon.

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Wouldnt be without one now. Can stick to the hedges and just walk on to things when you spot them instead of walking right across the land on places its abit on top. Forgot to take mine a while back n felt like ad lost a limb. 

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Mine came yesterday, I went for the HIK LH20 this time after having the pulsar xq38f last time. Payed nearly half the money of what I paid for the pulsar. Took it out on the golf course last night to see what it was like and I’m more than happy with it, good picture, a lot lighter than the pulsar and even got a spare battery with it for a little over a grand. I’ve been told even the Hik LH15 Is a good little spotter and that’s around the 800 quid mark i believe. Spotting rabbbits at 4/500 yards easily enough. 

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Saves loads of time, much easier to spot/locate quarry and wander about where your not supposed to be undetected. The dog still has to catch what you find though. Its called progress which for me in this case is for the better. The downside is the shooters are wiping areas clean of quarry with it. 


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Reading all these comments i really do need to give one of these ago though last week my old back boiler gave up the ghost and a new combi boiler I am having fitted is costing me just over 4 grand so getting one of these will have to wait. I always said year's ago night vision would be a game changer though a thermal imaging device that could pick living things up was beyond the imagination of those of us of a certain age and what McHull says rings true the number of times in the past for me it's come on top wile walking the land daytime or shining the lamp about before quarry was even run happened more time than i care to remember.

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