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Anyone been out? What’s everyone shooting

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Got to like a good roe fork

most recent night ????????? 8 pigeons using my NLS (nice looking  shooter) using 8.7mm steels and 0.60 South Wales catty band tapered 18-23 ???????????

Gave the hedge row hunter a go this morning and dropped this Maggie out of the top of pinetree. 

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Dropped a big old grey squirrel this morning over the woods near me with the wasp uniphox . I have now accumulated a fair collection of catapults over the last few year's and spent a few bob on them in the process but even practicing with a few of them i am consistently more accurate with the wasp uniphox a catapult imho that is the best value for money on the market . I keep saying i am going to thin my collection down a bit then again they cost nothing to keep so some will just be gathering dust.

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15 minutes ago, tatsblisters said:

Do you prefer the longer draw on your bands mate 

Yes I do anchor point stays the same just pull on past as long as it passes the tip of my nose it works out fine never had good short draw elastic as a kid always bought it by the foot so I still start with about 18” minus the wrapping at fork and pouch ?


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bought this scout copy few months ago,shot it for a week,then put it in the draw with the rest...not shot or held one in my hands for a good 6 weeks?need to pull my finger out and get back at it...

was starting to hit a few bits and pieces with this,nice frame to shoot with tubes tbf?DSC_1825.JPG.4b1cc41b3bc75dd35b06e6e0bd22e335.JPGDSC_1824.JPG.f1389db53d427c2692d43051535b4212.JPG


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3 hours ago, claude said:

Just out of curiosity and liking the style of the scout where did you get the copy from please

think I payed £15/£20 came with a set of tubes and flatbands from my local tackle shop,there's a Welsh lad sells them on eBay along with bands etc, supplies the shop?

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