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  1. claude

    Hi from Cornwall

    I live a few mile from illogan but there's a few lads about there that hunt
  2. The one non ped whippet who has a good reputation and numerous wins under her belt is non other than the power but I'm sure if i am wrong I will be corrected
  3. claude

    Greyhound mag box

    I never had one tbh just going on hear say
  4. claude

    Greyhound mag box

    Snug box are supposed to be as good if not better than a mag box
  5. claude

    Non Ped Whippet

    Not oversized as such but bigger than I wanted but can't have it all I wanted one for years tbh Marvel she's only recently turned 2 but is all I could ask for I have heard of some non peds over 50 pound in weight so she's still relatively small in those terms she could do with shedding a few pounds tbh
  6. claude

    Non Ped Whippet

    Same people have father and son and won bingo ball father to my non ped bitch my bitch is 40 pound in weight and spot on 23 tts
  7. claude

    Non Ped Whippet

    Andy pandy is producing some good stuff like that's andys for example and a few others
  8. claude

    Smal? Greyhound type ferrets

    There's still small ferrets being bred Devon/Cornwall area
  9. claude


    Fred90 there's a few people on here who make good boxes if I were looking for a box I would contact them
  10. claude


    That's it we don't mind waiting for a while tbh
  11. claude


    Dogs stay here till the end mate can't seem to be able to get pics up on here unfortunately of our lurchers or else I would show you ours
  12. claude


    Adampie8432 when are pups due
  13. claude


    White van man how true is that
  14. claude


    Yeah prices for all dogs are crazy I suppose not like it was years ago though
  15. claude


    That's a beauty mate white van man.W katchum I considered that but unfortunately I can't pay the sort of money for a pup at present due to recovering from a serious op