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  1. I recognise that track but yet to attend it there was a woman there with a bitch pup that is litter mate to my daughter's new non ped x greyhound
  2. Where on Facebook could I find these mate
  3. Blue looks nice and racy
  4. Did you meet this person at there property Rude boy and did you happen to bring any of your dogs with you at the time as I'm from Cornwall
  5. Good bloke Socks and I hope the youngster has many good years with the pup
  6. Lovely stamp of collie she is looks like she can shift too good luck in the future with her
  7. Handy little purchase received this morning
  8. Wilhay threw some good stuff to a lot of different bitches
  9. You can also regulate the speed with the lure end what dogs chase some people use cloth/rags and others use plastic bags etc it's all trial and error at first
  10. Is the control an in hand control ?
  11. Dont know him personally but the people I know who have had fowl from him are more than happy
  12. Thanks Sully any plans on breeding him in future
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