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  1. Looking for a decent budget night vision minocular for my daughter please guys
  2. What height should pups make at maturity socks please and what part of the country are they thanks in advance
  3. Looks a very good sort of aseel my favourite of all the game breeds I have kept over the years
  4. Neither looks soft feather cross
  5. Might be worth looking at a greyhound transporter
  6. Didn't know you were on here Craigo
  7. Smart bit of kit that and your lad is a talent for sure
  8. Any chance you could message me please mate
  9. Alright mate want something that isn't too complicated for him what out of what you have would you recommend thanks in advance
  10. Yeah it's got open sights on it we been plinking away in garden on his targets
  11. Evening every one my son has saved his money up and bought his self a spring rifle what's a good budget scope to get hes 14 and will be saving to buy them his self thanks in advance
  12. Imo your best bet would be buying some at an auction was at one end of last year and a pen of hybrid pullets point of lay went for 9 quid
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