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  1. Any chance you could message me please mate
  2. Alright mate want something that isn't too complicated for him what out of what you have would you recommend thanks in advance
  3. Yeah it's got open sights on it we been plinking away in garden on his targets
  4. Evening every one my son has saved his money up and bought his self a spring rifle what's a good budget scope to get hes 14 and will be saving to buy them his self thanks in advance
  5. Imo your best bet would be buying some at an auction was at one end of last year and a pen of hybrid pullets point of lay went for 9 quid
  6. You lot are proper men take my hat off to you lot all the best and happy hunting
  7. I can smell a rat you make out you know all this about certain dogs so when did this black bitch get this fantastic win ? And you reckon you have raced lurchers in the past then
  8. Seeing as you don't seem to have a clue what your talking about you are just letting certain individuals down that way fill your head with crap
  9. Can you answer the question if you know so much about her when did she last race and who owns her ?
  10. Smashing dog's chaps can see why they will be mated
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