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Yes, it can be a bit soul destroying , working for hours,.. for scant reward? I've hunted rabbits over most of the UK, and there is no doubt that, currently,..the North of the country has the lar


Makes me smile when lads on permission admittedly have been posting pictures since August of 40/50s of rabbits, shot hares etc, running on hard ground, in warm weather and folks are telling them how g

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22 minutes ago, All-terrain said:

Get yeself up by leyburn and surrounding areas  plenty to go at there, scotch corner too, plenty to go at them ways, Richmondshire up on the hills can be really good had some great days and nights them ways, few kids from my ways been doing really well last couple weeks had a couple hundred last few visits. A-t

Leyburn, 3 and half hour trip 1 way, 200 miles, all to drive up there and likely not get any permission  ?. Would love a day up there but in reality is unlikely will ever get the chance 

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8 hours ago, All-terrain said:

I ferret there when I can be bothered and I lamp there when there’s young dogs to bring on, nothing to do with you trev, I don’t even know ye so why get ur knickers in a twist ? My nephews and their mates have been going them ways since I took them as kids and they been going the last few weeks, as for keepers and birds their fair game too, A-t

Same as A T  ,ferret and work me dogs where I want and it no one else's business but mine .you find now because lad got perm they be grassing you up if they see you on there patch .

And before it's said I'm calling no one a grass just way it is now .

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10 hours ago, Trev70 said:

Last post from me on here, I don't ferret in these areas but that's not right on the lads that do and for the keepers just putting the birds out posting shite like this this time of the year and it is shite them numbers were in the 80's . have a good season all ?

No one moans when you out before season begins proper using excuse to bring young dog on lads even wish you the best, rabbiting game not exclusive for you stop spitting ur dummy out ffs

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Makes me smile when lads on permission admittedly have been posting pictures since August of 40/50s of rabbits, shot hares etc, running on hard ground, in warm weather and folks are telling them how good they are??? ? 

Never had an ounce of permission in 40 years but never damaged or stole property and if confronted, apologise and leave yet are looked down on by some folks who's aim is to get as many pictures on Facebook as possible of their summer adventures. 

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43 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

There's enough for everyone...if you want the sport,you make the effort and travel,no point getting ate up over it?

More than willing to travel, but knowing my luck I'd drive up there and be chased out of town by the local permission mob before I get the ferrets underground, who knows might be worth a trip 1 day. ?

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9 minutes ago, All-terrain said:

I don’t even know Trev mate,or where he’s from or where he goes, ? he put pics up of some rabbits , the other lad says he’d like a bag like that so I told him where he should go, next thing trevs saying he’s not posting anymore,he don’t go there but it’s not right on the lads that do, going on about keepers and birds, don’t know what that bits about ?,it’s a great place to go rabbiting, some farmers will let you on, then there’s places once your up there noone even knows your there it’s that vast, he must go around them ways by looks if it and wants them all to himself,? bit strange the way he spat his dummy out, I couldn’t give a Toss if he posts or not, and if I want to tell someone where’s good for a mooch I will, I said leyburn scotch corner and surrounding areas richmondshire etc it’s a massive area, weeks and weeks of exploring to be done, loads of doors to knock on and ask permission, A-t

Perhaps it was your tone what done it ?

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