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Seems to be a lot of jealousy on here ,it's a bit disappointing to read , the man bred a legendary line of running dogs ,his posts are full of wisdom ,they are both entertaining and educational ,he is

Plummer was a tramp  a compulsive liar  an egomaniac who offered to become chairman of the WTF and was politely told to f**k off Gave evidence against terrier men in court  used hi

Every time you write a post it just seems so forced , it's like your trying to make people think your this well educated well written scholar who trying to write fancy words and paragraphs to make peo

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29 minutes ago, Rudeboy 1 said:

Listen my fellow associates I really honestly don't take absolutely no notice of the certain individuals who badmouth me and foolishly write unsubstantiated criticism about me and the 2nd bloodline I'm going to breed and subsequently produce even as I'm penning together this particular readership.im not wanting to be known as a single somebody merely due to the fact most of you are saluki bred and have not had any experience in the game. Some saluki bred associates will have a crack at anything they can throw at me.......crack on ......please make 🙏 me cripple up with laughter.i mentioned plummer recently a Welsh man who put pen to paper and sold literally dozens and dozens of books..........OK not everyone liked him but if you'd have watched his documentary that he was requested to film one could see the guy was very intelligent modest and genuine........perhaps I feel others couldn't believe that they could match what he knew with him being a very intelligent person...fact!!! However,I earned the luxury of plummer putting several readership upon my longdogs a relatively warm and satisfying feeling I suppose .now gentlemen associates why don't you do your own thing,use your chosen running dogs, pursue and hunt whatever you like and enjoy your field sports.carl Williams South Wales.

You would think Plummer was best thing since sliced bread if he’s writing load shit bout your whippet whizz bangers 

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2 minutes ago, Elchapo said:

You would think Plummer was best thing since sliced bread if he’s writing load shit bout your whippet whizz bangers 

To be fair mate  a whippet has more in the tank than the type you run 😆 🤣 

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25 minutes ago, two crows said:

what is going to be produced exactly, have i missed something?.



He does this every now an again, I see pattern I think, maybe it’s the day before his script an he running low on meds or it’s giro day an he had a toot 😂

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The whippet x greyhound hybrid is basically a little and large scaled down greyhound or a scaled up greyhound nothing more nor nothing less .however,despite having a massive amount of criticism on such a long dog they are fascinating little game hunters and game honest hunting companions. They ain't the ultimates or world beater strains because I'd be a liar to say otherwise.an incredible amount of criticism is said about this long dog is the feet fortunately I've been lucky for in totally truthfulness I've never had any physical problems personally I believe that they will never knock a toe back or experience any type of foot injuries prevention of the whippet x greyhound suffering with injury 😢 is not to hunt with this hybrid on rough rocky terrain.....if one wisely runs this long dog on pasture fields then its a completely different kettle of fish so to speak!! Carl Williams South  Wales. 

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2 hours ago, Rudeboy 1 said:

The whippet x greyhound hybrid is basically a little and large scaled down greyhound or a scaled up greyhound

This is where you are failing before you began, you should be trying to produce a bigger whippet not a scaled down, dumb, shit footed grey.

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You have to remember that most of the whippet' s attributes, good feet, lightning exceleration and gameness hunting is due to their compact size and probable terrier influence. They may need to be slightly bigger for fox and hare but you don't want to dilute the good stuff until it's not there. 

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49 minutes ago, Rudeboy 1 said:

Do u think I'm interested in anwsering your question 🤔 don't talk about the shite you have made ok associate 

But baker boy asked a genuine question that you won’t or can’t answer? 

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