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how did your football team do this year

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well another end to the football season how did the team you support do,im from the north east and like to se any north east team do well but we usually dont ,newcastle ended up 12th whih isnt bad with all the injuries we had borro not so good and sunderland after a very good first half missed out again in the play offs

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My new team Lincoln did me ever so  proud even getting to Wembley 😂 

A win tonight will be a another step in the right direction for Ole, can finally see some plan and style of play again... 2nd in league and a final in Europe league is a good step but for me its nice

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fookin shit,  manger gone, and all his staff, and should think few other players will be moving on with him as well. But we still in the Premier  league , so god knows what going to happen with the WOLVES  next season, be nice for the fans to go and watch them again, like all other clubs as well . 

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17 hours ago, green lurchers said:

Never watched a game and won’t until they all stand up 

But don't they all fall down in the Box these days.

Cheers Arry

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41 minutes ago, Bosun11 said:

My lot were a fecking disaster from the new year onwards...

I can only hope we have a huge clearout and find players that want to play for the club.

On humanitarian grounds blue noses were exempt from commenting on this thread .

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