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im after a dog

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8 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

I have no doubt of that Keith, I wasn’t talking about you an in any way an fact is pal if I had a dog here for you I wouldn’t hesitate letting you have it, your the kind of home/owner I am most other folk dream of taking on one of there pups👍 


I was actually talking about the last pup available an if he could find another home like you I’m sure he would be happy👍 I know you’ll do that pup proud Keith an I know it will return the favour an show you some sport an u told companionship👍

My appologies mate I read you wrong, and thank you for your kind words, Troyboy, sorry a bout your loss, looks a nice dog to, why not email blackdog if you a re interested, gotta admit, its a crackin cross

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ok lads, im slowly getting back on my feet, a far cry from where I was years ago, and cannot ever see me back out in them fields up to my neck in cack doing what I loved , thing is, like my title says

just had the community outlook team visit me from the hospital, they used to come every day in the beginning but now cos im doing ok they wont be coming until next Tuesday, they are the people concern

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1 minute ago, troyboy17 said:

The biggest problem I'm away Christmas and the dogs are dew there new homes then

look mate, no excuse theres ways and means around everything, ask yourself this, do you really want that dog, if so, blackdog is the man you need to talk to, perhaps if he thinks you fit, he may hold it for you send him a pm    good luck

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And very nice to, what a superb photo, if you remember rightly, earlier in my topic, I told you that the housing officer was finding me a bungalow, and that I am ok to take the pup with me, if his response to me was, sorry keith, no dogs allowed, I would be spending the rest of my days here, I cant envisage, nor will I accept a life without a dog at my side, its bad enough without Ruth, im f****d if I will be begrudged of a dog, the little bugger can howl its bollocks off all night if need be, im up most of the night anyways, that don't bother me, nothing bothers me anymore. once again, a good home awaits, and thank you

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