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Time for goodbyes.

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4 minutes ago, Deker said:

Something certainly seems a little unusual here! :hmm:

I assumed it was an April fool until I read he posted on Friday.

I can believe it though. Some forces make up their own rules and you don't need any special info to build up an intelligence report on someone so active these days. Folks are very easy to find.

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Had a call from my liaison officer today, well the head of my firearms unit I believe. Sound feller, know him for years. Anyway he asked if I'm on here! Then informed me that police intellig

I`d say there on here in some form walshie I bet the terrier n lurcher sections get a good look over ..

I am sorry to hear this news UD as I believe you are a true country lover enjoying traditional guns. I confess that I have no idea what the law states regarding the use of a slug / ball in muzzle load

4 minutes ago, Born Hunter said:

And some folks on other threads mock those who say they can't speak freely for fear of their licenses being revoked....


Hopefully UD takes some time to reassess the use of social media and comes back to contribute with a more 'cautious' attitude. Not that I'm suggesting he does anything illegal or illegitimate but these days society is not so understanding or forgiving. It's f***ing shit.

You can't talk freely!!!!!!!

Anyone who thinks ANY forum is immune from examination is naive in the extreme, if the powers that be want to find you then they most certainly can!

I do not know Underdogs situation/licencing/etc but any talk of anything illegal on a public forum from anyone is best avoided.  I am not suggesting he has done/posted anything illegal, I don't know.

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if im reading this all wrong then i aplogise , 

u must have a shot gun licence that goes without saying , and a shot gun fires shot ! are muzzel loader ment to fire a single ball of lead or shot  i dont know thats why im asking 

this question and if so is that classed as a fac  being a single projectile 

and as

 some one has said speak to BASC  they will know the ins and out 

and the bottom line is keep posting u they are some of the best threads on hear

atb u 


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dont leave by law you are allowed too shoot lead balls from your muzzle loader on a target range there is lots of ranges  that have this   as the muzzle loader is not loaded till on the range  the powder shot &  wads are classed as components  

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4 hours ago, scarecrow243 said:

dont leave by law you are allowed too shoot lead balls from your muzzle loader on a target range there is lots of ranges  that have this   as the muzzle loader is not loaded till on the range  the powder shot &  wads are classed as components  


I've not seen Underdog on a range!

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7 minutes ago, scarecrow243 said:

just cause you aint seen him on a shooting range does not mean he does not use a range are you trying to cause trouble Deker

No mate he’s not ,  he’s just pointing out the problem would appear to be the posts U  made about using the ball out in the field ..

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On 01/04/2019 at 09:14, Deker said:

There is a National Firearms Database, should have been in existance from about 2000, but was around 5 years late and eventually emerged around 2005 (or was it 2007) from memory.

Add to that all the pictures he has posted of himself, the number of people who call various members by their real names rather than their THL Username and it would take anyone with the means 5 minutes to find out who he is!

TBH, thinking about it since, they might not even have needed the PNC. Photo from here, emailed to local Firearms Dept, do you know this guy? As his local FEO knows him well, it's a no brainer he'd be recognised. Obviously if his real name is on here, then it's even easier.

I also think there needs to be a note of caution here for Nate. I was very much left with the impression that he might continue in whatever behaviour is alleged without posting anything online. The danger here is this getting caught is no more than a video camera or pair of binoculars away. If they don't know where he shoots, they only have to ask around or obtain his phones GPS history if they can get a warrant. A simple watch or record, then stop is all it takes. They're going to be watching him now. If not now, then it might be 6 months or a year down the line. The best way forward in my opinion is to stay within the law. Cease all single shot shooting (if that's what he's being doing). Call a professional expert body to establish the law. If it comes out on the side of the local force, comply and if you want to shoot single ball (?), apply for an FAC and desist until you obtain it. If the opinion comes out against the local force, then let the body and force negotiate a solid position either amicably or through the Courts, that permits it's use, before resuming. Won't you don't want to do is potentially break the law in the meantime. That can only end badly even if you ultimately were found not to have committed offences....

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3 hours ago, sussex said:

No mate he’s not ,  he’s just pointing out the problem would appear to be the posts U  made about using the ball out in the field ..

Thank you for that, exactly my point and certainly NOT trying to cause U trouble.


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I think there are several issues here that aren't as described. Police Intelligence is an oxymoron. They can't be bothered to keep tabs on real criminals so I doubt that they would be involved in tracking Underdog. I think the FLO has probably meant to have a quiet word of advice, but has mentioned things that might or might not be true and this has given an incorrect impression of the situation.  Just take it as a quiet word of advice. If they had any evidence they would have seized all weapons and ammo.

I've said this before to you and I'll repeat it again; please don't leave as your contributions are valued. :thumbs:

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Look you have passed the gate, you have  a 'shotgun' condition on your FAC/SGC and you have openly stated here the you are shooting ball in it, so OH DEAR  you have over stepped the rules!

Who cares? NOT ME but there are a lot of 'knobbers' out there who do/might (i.e. like; people who ask "what should I do with .22 rimfire round that has miss fired, should I pass it to a RFD for disposal?'

GET A LIFE just chuck it in the brambles, OH NO WHAT ARE YOU THINKING its a DEADLY prohibited THING!) Really???

Beware when there are 'those' out there, and of aware of pathetic knob-ends who are probably 6 months into shooting sports and want to tell you what too do??

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