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  1. View Advert Gunpower Storm no longer for sale thanks Advertiser scarecrow243 Date 18/09/2 Category Airguns

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    Hi for sale is my Gunpower Storm .22 single shot it is a 2018 model it is fitted with a pressure gauge and quick fill foster fitting also comes with a sound moderator adaptor and a very quite sound moderator and the gunpower original box £250 can also supply an original Gunpower hand pump in its original box £100 can post at extra cost


  3. if all the screws are tight the next time you zero it make sure the barrel does not get hot it can even with two or three shots in sunny weather if its ok and zeroes ok then leave it in the shade till the barrel is cold then try a zero shot to see if its still on target if you are sitting in the sun shine it will heat the barrel we had this problem at the range first 2 shots bullseye 3rd shot high and right this happened to 2 different rifles .243 & .308
  4. you have to measure from the centre of the scope ring ie where it splits in half to the Centre of the rifle bore
  5. a lighter gun will kick more with heavy cartridges a tight fore end could mean the gun has been tightened
  6. the non toxic rounds are harder than copper jackets witch will effect the rifling i have an old brno .22lr that is 50 years old and shoots perfect non toxic would soon destroy it also i have an old winchester model 70 xtr featherweight .243 it also shoots perfect as i said above Norway was the first country to ban lead shot etc but they have stopped it as it has been proving to damage barrels basc did not try and stop this they just turned and said oh yes we will change over in five years wait until this so called non toxic starts to ricochet all over the play killing some one it will
  7. non lead do not interest me at all as it is total crap that's why norway over turned their Rule on non toxic it knackers barrels
  8. gunpower stealth .22 View Advert Hi i am looking for a gunpower stealth .22 12ft1lb it must be in perfect working order thanks Advertiser scarecrow243 Date 29/09/22 Price -£0.01 Category Airguns now sorted thanks

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    Hi i am looking for a gunpower stealth .22 12ft1lb it must be in perfect working order thanks


  10. bisley mags should be ok i use them in .22 pcp also rws hollow point 14.2 grn shooting rabbits from 15yds out to 35yds some guns are hold sensitive they either like a soft grip or heavy grip i would not clean the barrel again as you will need to lead again
  11. Hi did you clean the barrel first also it takes around a full tin of pellets to lead the barrel in use the same pellets then see if they are accurate enough if not try another brand
  12. Hi did you pay any money with a credit card if yes contact the company and tell them the gun is not fit for purpose and the shop will not refund you
  13. sight mark wraith day and night scope 4x32x50 or atn x 4k pro 3x14 with abl range finder great scopes
  14. no longer for sale Advertiser scarecrow243 Date 11/12/21 Price £380.00 Category Optics, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

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    sight mark wraith 4-x32x50hd day/night vision rifle scope in perfect working with new ir torch and weaver too 11mm dovetail base. plus 8 recharge batteries and charger swap for a good .22 pre charge air rifle or sell for £450


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