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ffs 50k aint a lot of money  you `d like it sat in your bank ..

I’d still put lemonade in it

Guy in the middle,the world's first cannabis billionaire,met a guy this morning just quit his job as a metals-trader and invested a million in farmland and a greenhouse complex in North Italy,going to

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6 minutes ago, ginger beard said:

Not sure if fully legal but mobile slaughterman.

£120 for a bullock 10 aday = £1200 ×5 =£6000 /week

£20/sheep × 15/hour=£300 an hour.then there's £20 for me for the skin.i'll keep the tripe too.

All i need is 2 knives and a saw.only problem is having a fridge to hang it.need a good butcher too.


Have you got the animals we can kill mate 

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3 hours ago, lurcherman 887 said:

say you had 50k spare how would you invest it ? Quick return and legal ovbiously.

I don’t think 50k would get most people far,BUT if used wisely and correctly with a bit of home work you could live comfortable of the profits of what 50k could bring,who knows 👍🏻

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10 minutes ago, riohog said:

first thing you do  is dont tell anyone you have money ,, oops to late  ..

A pal seems to think he could buy a already up and running company for 50k i wasnt so sure so got me to thinking as to what i would use it for being that 50k isnt a great deal of money atall anymore!

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