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Pre ban fox and hare killer

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Bull whippet grey x saluki grey. She killed 100s of fox by night and the same with hares by day. Real all round bitch. And only stood 22 inches tall. 

1st x saluki/greyhound...took plenty of both..and lots of other things too.....never found a bitch to suit him,i would have had liked a pup from him..took lots of hares,over decent runs...been a hell


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I once had a dog that caught a Hare during the day and a fox that same night .. it was almost a miracle for someone like me who hunts neither normally 😂 this was around 6 years ago in Northern Ireland where hunting both with dogs was and is still legal 👍


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cantona he was coursing x coursing only ran him daytime till he was about 6 yr old he ran a the length of England  caught a lot of hares & fox used to run with a travelling man Reubin who was staying around Cleeve Prior must be twenty five years ago then put him on lamp & he just carried on catching a lot of everything, wish I had him about me now atb Flacko 

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1 minute ago, blacky13 said:

 My picture as been deleted it was only of the dog should I of put pre ban lol 

and so was my post but hay what's the point these days its a sad day when you cant put a pic up or cant make a comment but ill sick to working the hounds and the digging

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