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  1. COuple up to date pics. And my new pup also.
  2. Couple pics from today he’s finding his feet now
  3. Keep checking on the post as I’ll keep putting updates on.
  4. Dam was 1/2 bull 1/4 whip 1/4 grey sire was coursing bred dog sired by the dan dog.
  5. No she was bred by a mate of mine local pal
  6. Couple up to date pics pups are coming along well.
  7. Bull whippet grey x saluki grey. She killed 100s of fox by night and the same with hares by day. Real all round bitch. And only stood 22 inches tall.
  8. Pup nabbed this one today on a walk coming up 6 months
  9. A friend of mine was out with the terriers last year and they ended up having a wallaby in cover. Also I know of a fella who accidentally slipped on one out coursing. Maybe these were escapees but there are wild populations in the uk. Anyone seen one or gone after them? Couldn’t see them being much sport tho.
  10. Thanks saltmoon they should make a good team once grown.
  11. Here he is now boys 6 months at the end of this month and also My new sprocker pup
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