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I found myself invoved in a bit of Old School air-gunning today.          I was in the middle of checking a few squirrel cages in a customer's garden when a call came from farmer . Half a dozen f

Late to the conversation but here’s my tuppence worth. HW80 in .20 bought in ‘96 with Lazaglide action by Venom and GinB stock

Well they been making these things for decades and just like ordering a Chinese I call it #69 on account it cost £69 new! It's very accurate after a tune and trigger job.  177. 

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1 hour ago, mark williams said:

I cannot "start a new topic" under classic air gun hunting Admin, without it getting posted to air gun hunting.

                 As with this, - reply to topic will work, start new topic will not.


                            atb  Mark.

It’s due to this being a new topic in its self Marko. You can’t technically start a new topic in a topic if you know what I mean. ‘Hunting with classic air rifles’ is a topic by Mac, not a mini forum. Thus if you post a new topic, it will indeed appear in the level above. In the general hunting section. 

Maybe they’ll create a new section for ya 😁

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14 hours ago, mark williams said:

:icon_redface: I`ll try again. :laugh:

MK 1 FWB Sport 124 ( 1978 ) - 2017 summer, decoying Wood Pigeon on the  half wheel pattern.


atb  Mark.


1 hour ago, mole trapper said:

Excellent Idea this. 👍

Yeah, I've started freezing mine........😂😂😂

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4 hours ago, mole trapper said:

Old and new 


Ya’ve got some kit there me old. 

At best guess right to left...



99 with CS 500

LGV Master Pro




Not sure

Webley of somesort








Diana... triggers not right though.

If I’m right with 5 I’ve done well 😁

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