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  1. Listen it took me long enough to get the right gun & calibre, the right tuning and the right stock to let it go that easily! It’ll have to be prized out of my dead hands But if your around when that happens I’ll make sure you get first shout. Ed
  2. Late to the conversation but here’s my tuppence worth. HW80 in .20 bought in ‘96 with Lazaglide action by Venom and GinB stock
  3. Without a fridge I go by the old adage of the 40deg rule. Which is simply that for fur game you hang it until it reaches a total of 40C which can be 10 days at 4C (10*4=40) or 5 days at 8C (5*8=40) or any combination there of! With a fridge that circulates the air, this can be extended to suit more conventional hanging durations. With feathered game, I usually dress and either freeze or pass on to friends within 36-48hrs unless I’m gong to use it straight away.
  4. Be careful in Scotland. As of 2008 you cannot fish for eels without a license, specifically for eels, from the Scottish government!
  5. I’ve been watching “Hugh and Anita’s war on plastic” or whatever the programme title is. Interesting to find out that there are bits of micro plastics floating in the air that we breath. Suddenly we, that shoot and hunt, have info that the people that are banning the fur trade are more polluting than those of us that use the real thing. Just maybe we will find that the fur/leather trade will become more popular again and will bring hunting and shooting back into mainstream society. What are people’s thoughts? Ed
  6. So what are you trying to say, that Hitler was right? As there isn’t much difference between the two scenarios!
  7. Keep things simple and go for the small critters. Squirrels are good as are rabbits and pigeons - never mind sending to a dealer to ship them off to the continent. We need to keep them for ourselves, if they’re good enough for the Europeans then how much better are they for us as they are fresher than being shipped hundreds of miles. Ed
  8. Hi, My name’s Ed and in mid life (some would say early old life). Been shooting with an air rifle from my teens and for about 10years with rifles and shotguns. Fishing ever since I can remember with me dad. Like to prepare and cook with whatever I’m lucky enough to catch or shoot. Happened across this site whilst in hospital a while ago but only just got round to joining. Looking forward to sharing tips and info - as they say every day’s a school day. Ed
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