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Old nuttall stock

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You generally just hear how nuttalls stuff has lost size and substance and most nuttall stuff I've seen without an outcross is generally very small but i saw a lovely dog pup collected off nuttall about 6/7 yrs ago and it turned out some size of a dog by the time it was 18 months. Bully type head strong in chest not too bad a dog in the ground either by all accounts. But then again who knows what way it was really bred not knocking the man at all. It was out of buster if memory serves me right 

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A few photos of some of the old terriers from those lines which I was fortunate enough to own from the 1970's - 1990's   

maybe , maybe not , maybe the two banged up had been doubled up , maybe both did 5 hours each separate digs  , history is as honest as the person you wish to believe 


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There's alot yards built of Nuttall dogs I'd say there still a fair bit of it about lads just don't say there's probably a few could even contribute to this thread aswell in a way Glyn did earlier.

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11 hours ago, dillydog said:

Always liked him mate, he's not a classic nuttall  stamp IMO, do you know what else is in his background ?

I no the names off all the dogs goin back past miner to the border terrier there also a bitch 3-4gens back what I’ve been told was out of the bull in the yard  but who nows they just names on paper to me ,, he was out of the most typical looking nuttall bitch u whuld ever see big eyes and ears like a hound n about 12 inches he come exactly the same as the father just 2” bigger and 8lb heavier 

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7 minutes ago, Barrie said:

A few photos of some of the old terriers from those lines which I was fortunate enough to own from the 1970's - 1990's


Old Patts 1 of 3.jpg

Old Patts 2 of 3.jpg

Old Patts 3 of 3.jpg

Are these out of a book Barrie, our first dog was out of Rocky i believe, late 80's or maybe 1990.

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Hi Kerny

No they're not from a book and all of the photos are my own.

Apart from one, they all either came here as puppies, or were bred here.

All were laid to rest here.

Kindest Regards - Barrie  

PS. And before Dilly says it.... NO I CAN'T FIT IN THOSE PANTS ANY MORE !!!!

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18 minutes ago, dillydog said:

Brilliant Barrie, that's the bitch at the bottom that Phil was always trying to twist your arm over taking a litter from ?

Hi Dilly

When Phil was a teenager his father was a regular follower of the B.C. and I was doing the terriers in those days.

Phil was always keen as mustard and couldn't do enough to help. One day his father said to me "I want to get him a terrier, but not just any old terrier, something special like he's been used to seeing."

I was using Meg a lot in those days and the kid really liked her, we were fortunate enough to be able to get him her litter sister Josie which a friend of mine had.

That was his first terrier and he was like the proverbial "dog with two dicks".

Kindest Regards - Barrie

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