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  1. Better stay home cuz you would not want to be the one who introduce those fox worms to the uk https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echinococcus_multilocularis
  2. Yhea we cant dock anymore ....
  3. Ah wel 2 times in all those years , relax his time will come and your still around
  4. You could have a try on this dog ,, i know its old stuff cuz i bred it only monster kennel dont have the right ped ,,,
  5. How mush time did it hapends in the past don ?
  6. But you need a 10ft hole for a 4ft dept mate or else you dont fit in yourself lol sorry mate could not resist myself lol
  7. My old boy at 11 A old bitch of mine at 12
  8. From the hunts i joined myself in france they did not really care if we used a locator or not but those who dug whitout did not liked to enter a dog into a deep set ,, but if we did whit a locator they where verry happy that we did just to clean out some set's
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