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How Much Collie Is To Much

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Personally,...I like all the various herding composites, been around them since I was very young,..and now I am very old   As for their usage,..well,..only a fool keeps a dog that cannot do the job


What I've found over the years is that people who don't like collie in a dog normally struggle with training them ... something to do with the dog being more intelligent than them lol .......

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I agree with all the above who have said it depends on the ground you're working your dog on, though I'd add that your own temperament and how it gels with collies (or not as the case may be) is as important.


When I bought my first lurcher it was a half bred and I was living in Coniston. When I moved back to Hampshire I continued with the half crosses for a few years until I bought a pure herding dog and now find that because of where I work them (very small fields with dense hedgerows and woodland with a lot of undergrowth) I catch more with them than I did with the half crosses. The flip side is that whenever they see any in the open they haven't got a hope of catching up to it, let alone turning it.



I used to work a reverse threequarter, Kim was a cracking bitch and she never let me down. Regards Collie John.

Forgot to add in my first post (as I went off at a tangent) that I also had a 3/4 collie 1/4 greyhound while in Coniston. It was the fact that I got on so well with him compared to the previous bitch and a subsequent half cross that gave me the nudge of confidence to try a pure herding dog.

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18.75% collie does me for my land the rest whippet/greyhound with a small drop of deerhound

Lovely looking dog that, credit to you mate
cheers mate she’s sadly retired now due to vetibre damage just over a month ago but that’s dogs for ya mate she’s enjoying the easy life but I’ve a pup from her luckily to run on with for next season
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The best dog I ever saw in 35 years was a border beardie cross grey. I have spoken about that dog before on here and of all the dogs I have seen it was the one I would dearly have loved to own.


Best I have seen was a border/beardie from hancock,his owner used to be on here,saw the dog take around 100 fox in a winter,decent on rabbits,loved fallow deer,he was a machine.
what sort height was he then .atb bunnys.

He was 25 or 26 inch mate,if the owner is still on here under another name he might chime in,this was around 25 years back,the dog was frequently worked across Essex and Hertfordshire back then,the owner was from the north-east but used to travel down weekly.
I think back then the dogs from there were not to bad I had a small bearded border bitch for a bit ,nowadays I'm wondering about the bearded collie blood.As finding working type bearded collies must be getting harder.

Though I like the look of the offspring from the mr Jones stud dog .but it's whether I round stump up the £350-400 for a Pup kept in a pen ,also the pups look ribby.

That good bitch I said about was by Mr Jones I would certainly consider one of that breeding.


Working beardie are not so rare as you might think. I believe hancocks went up to some scottish island for their last one but there is really no need as there are enough about if you are willing to look

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cheers,i remember when he was fully grow people use not think much of him.but he excelled on rabbits and i made a lot of money selling live rabbits he was 100% back too hand alive. he hadnt blinding pace,but was a pleasure to watch work on the lamp.he was bred to 2 friends grey hound bitches and those pups in turn had plenty of foot,l missed old druid when he passed away.

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