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Feral Dog V Greyhound

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The bad traits of the dingo far outway any good traits they have,well suited to our indigenous people.


interesting comments seeing the ACD and kelpie both have dingo blood, be it well watered down by now. Australia is such a large place the variance in the breeds that constitute any particular population of feral dog could vary greatly. A pigdog hunted with a couple of years ago bully dingo ridgeback was hard as nails ugly as sin but hard as nails

Also interesting is both breeds are the the worst culprits for sheep killing when left to roam, according to a mate who worked for pasture protection.

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A solid farm cur over a greyhound would be a better bet

I think physically they are tough as nature tends to weed out the weak,but like most things that fend for themselves,they would rather take an easy option and not fight or better still scavenge . I'

Interesting that the 'civilised' races look in scorn on indigenous peoples who haven't evolved a fantastic consumer society and a need to work themselves into the ground to gain huge amounts of materi

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any dog left to roam will become a sheep worrier wouldn't be that the predominate dogs in the areas in the areas where your mate worked were kelpies and cattledogs.


Yeah,...and if this style of juke ever decides to go rogue, and start taking livestock,...they are purpose-bred to be pretty darn good at that business :icon_eek:

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From the books that I've read about kelpies it would seem that dingo blood in kelpies (in the early days) is similar to collie blood in merle coloured lurchers i.e. in a lot of cases the people claiming it were exaggerating the amount because it sounded good and the ones denying it were often "guilty" of it.


According to recent genetic tests on a number of the main kelpie studs in Australia the average kelpie has about 3 or 4% dingo blood.

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I think you are right Neal,...mind you,..to call a man a dirty Dingo in the Outback regions, is a fair old insult... :censored:

The wild dog ain't a family favorite in rural areas,...in fact, on a sheep or cattle ranch,.. he is usually a target...

Therefore,..a lot of Stock dog breeders would deny having the blood of this stock killing critter in the ancestry of their herding dogs.


I believe, there is a definite Dingo influence, in both Kelpie and ACD's....in fact, I've bred hybrid Cattle dogs that looked (and certainly acted) like Dingos :yes:





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If a picture paints a thousand words, then that 'arse grabber' and its mate (that ain't interested in the 'action'), would be best staying put... Save yourself a few bob. ;)

maybe the lizards poisonous-dogs like them in almost every third world country-basically the original un selectively bred dog
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They are very interesting to watch. I lived in Africa for a while and spent alot of time watching the feral dogs on the beach. They form packs and alliances and territories, I guess much like wolves. The ones I watched fed mostly off scavenging but there were other packs who lived in the bush who I expect were more predatory. There's a really interesting PHD project in animal behaviour there for someone

think its already been done-theres a very good book called dawn of the dog;by janice kohler matzick
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Crossing a feral dog or dingo into a domestic dog doesn't make sense to me. Why singlehandedly in one breeding undo thousands of years of selective breeding. Also, having hunted and worked dingo xs and the only reliable thing about them is their unreliability. You'll never be able to trust them. Had one for 5 years, adored it and was a great worker. Moved his food bowl one night and 16 stitches in my arm later he was in a hole in the ground

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