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Cork White Terrier

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They look like old style russells, there is no set type. Smooth,Rough coated, Prick, drop ears, tall, short. What they share IMO is a history of working to a high standard. Kennels that keep a focu

There were several dogs in that era that came from the pound. Frank Lo...... dog Prince came from a pound through Lee in Dublin. A great terrier who was still working at 10 years plus in 83. He appe

TT,   This is just my opinion.   I'm sure if you go back through the lines from certain kennels you will find different types including a Glen and others. There is Fell (A John Park bred dog call

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A white working terrier from cork is like any other working terrier line no matter what the colour..they will have been bred at the start by good men who lived for dog work...they bred the best to the best which was at there disposal at the time.. most of these men walked or bicycled to digs... so what if there was a john parks red dog away back in a CERTAIN line.. there border in the blacks...lakelands in the russells and so on.. but as like black dogs there are many men breeding there own lines..just like nuttalls..goulds..stevens..there are many different cork lines...s.b. knew a dog and how to work them..bred some toppers but so did many other men of cork were doing the same.. so dont always assume a white dog from cork has tip in its heritage or s.b. bred it.. but the difference is i have NEVER heard of one of these terriers or pups from proper cork stuff for sale... i have had 2 pups up from cork that never made the STANDARD that these terriers are renowned for...but many a man would of kept them in there yard..they were not rehomed..i heard it say these dogs are big brutes ... yes they can weigh 25lb weight ive never seen one at 18 inches! They have a back like a daschund alrite but these things can travel make no mistake... when i was about 14 gould was mostly the stuff the proper old men i still dig with kept..them black dogs were easy 15 16 tts terriers and weighed around 20 odd lb...and could work... so why think the whites of today are big..i dig over a black dog and hes just like my whites and he is a certain way bred that men on here cream there pants for ffs.

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