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  1. There's a hunting man in the North who with his small pack of hounds and lurchers accounts for 3 or 4 hundred foxes each season and if I remember correctly I think he told me a few years back that he had 30 out of roofs one year. assuming he would he have guns with him too Neil? I haven't hunted with them for a few years but always thought they had a gun or two out for those corners not suitable for a lurcher.Must be different men these lads I know don't like lads shooting them.would his name be s.t. if so he wouldn't have guns out no matter watthat's a factS.T. Is out plenty with guns ,h
  2. I see it likes raspberry jam lol carrying out legal fox work fella
  3. I know, I can't stop logging on to check the latest lol Even when coronation streets on lol...fxck it ...it's better than Coronation street I reckon fd should upload his Facebook pic and we can all try and guess his age , all in good jest likesay lol I imagine him as looking like John Wayne....lol... Naaw listen here son am Gunnar tell you how it is, and if you've got any disagreements well you can let those guns of yours do there talkin...lol. But without his input would not be anywhere near as entertaining. Keep it up lads, fxckin great read. sounds more like foghorn leghorn
  4. it is a very fine line mate , just think the more yappers brought forward the further back you end up .
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