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Boxing At The Weekend...

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The THL fight club

Joshua really is just a straight acting kid no frills and tassles he doesnt fall into all the silly stuff that is popular with fighters these days he has the mindset that if he is good enough he will

f****n embarrassing the whole event !....now we're all going to have to listen to these mma divs saying their fighters can hang with pro boxers well played Fury you big melt ! And we're supposed

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To be fair too Joshua he is learning as he goes at an accelerated pace , mad too think he a champion and defended belts and gained more since, sure there's holes but not many Wlad failed too capitalise when he found it, I seriously doubt anyone out there currently could , Parker garbage , wilder a pure gutless wonder, at least the junior of the current crop keeps delivering despite the obvious flaws, think his biggest danger is lack of quality opposition


Joyce looked wooden worst show I've seen cobbled together lately , crap like most things haye does made plenty of noise big promises and failed too deliver

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After his last 2 performances Parker wouldn't worry a teenager

He's gone back over since takem fight imho , maybe let the fight against Ruiz slide as he trained for Fury but he looked terrible against Huey who rubbish domestic level at very best, Parker is pants easy title for anyone decent suprised yanks haven't fed him too jarrell miller as leverage too get shot at AJ but maybe he not ready yet

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Only man in the division at the moment to trouble AJ would be Tyson Fury if he was as he was against Vlad but that aint gonna happen.


Cheers, D.

I don't think he would because he wouldn't throw enough punches


Fury only throws enough punches to set the distance and keep the fight were he wants it,keep Joshua busy for 5 rounds and he struggles to throw punches.Fury is a boxer so more so more conservative with his shots,Joshua on the other hand is a slugger so loads up on more tiring shorter power shots.Be interesting to see if Joshua's stamina is any better if he comes in lighter for this fight against Takam.

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Deffo think he will come in far lighter against Taken he can well afford too as well, who bit light handed throws a lot with minimal damage , think AJ will have him out in five rounds unless Takem produce the fight of his life which given what's at stake he well should

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Anyone else not rate Joshua ?

Joshua has his faults but nobody has been able to fully exploit them yet so hes still unbeaten.Wlad showed the Blueprint how to beat him,keep him busy every round,using movement and the full ring and keep things at range while throwing punches in bunches and he will gas out ready for the stoppage. Allow Joshua to control the pace and distance in the fight and he will ko you with one of his big shots.Fury has all the attributes necessary to beat him like ive mentioned before,but by the time Fury is ready to face him I believe Joshua will have already been beat by somebody else.A Wilder v Joshua match up would be some fight mind,Wilder with his wild swinging punches and Joshua with his close range bombs,that fight has the makings of a classic shootout imo . :yes:

You have the right of it there for sure Mick...I would of maybe only given Pulev a punchers chance of beating Joshua...but with the wise old head of his trainer Ullie Wegner in his corner...whos taken a lot of fighter to world/European titles...I thought they would of came with a game-plan to exploit some of Joshuas flaws...and made a fight of it...but...Takam's tough...but not tough enough to keep me in on a Saturday night Some harsh sounding opinions from some on the Joe Joyce lad...when you think friday night was his pro debut...and that it took Dillian Whyte 10 rounds to get the job done with Lewison the end of last year!...what was that Whytes 20th or something pro fight?!...maybe give Joyce another 10 before we totally write him off eh?

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