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Metal Detecting

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discrim ring pulls at your peril....lol..........you might miss hammered.. learn your machine..  

funnily enough I've just got back into detecting, after a 20yr break, I thought I saw the rakeaboot name on another detecting site, (I'm dexters shed) my first ever find 20yr ago was this, and it's wh

No but just go watch Villa play mate

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On my list of things ...I've got a couple of mates really into it ...They have had some nice finds but even some of the trivial stuff they find like medieval livestock bells ect are really interesting.

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I bought mine because I found a roman coin in a field. I asked if I could go on with a metal detector and got knocked back.


I do have a some land were the farmer will let me go but I just can not be bothered, I wanted the gold coins not milk bottle tops :)

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Can't remember what mine is. I got it for finding my mole traps after the markers had been removed or driven over!!

Paid for itself the first week. Did a paid job finding a dozen football and rugby post sockets after contractors had been on the school sports fields and redrained and resurfaced.

I found about £18 in coins and 2 thick silver curb chains. Plus got paid for finding the sockets

I once found half a dozen old silver sixpences at the base of a tree.

I've dug up more shit than anything of value but as with everything. I just don't have the time.

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they are like seagulls, scrounging on other people's losses ,we see them down on the beaches at Bournemouth and sandbanks in Poole

And west witterings... My pal bought a cheapish one. You cant really call it scrounging, digging up used BBQ`s, beer bottle tops and tent pegs and putting them in the bin.... That said I did find a quid, which was in my pocket before I stood up straight. My pal is still yet to score, which could be a long time coming as that was the first and last time we went out. :laugh:

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Nice one rake, something I've wanted to do for some time.

Is it true you can set it so it ignores shite like ring pulls and bottle tops and only detects precious metals etc or is this nonsense?

Yes mate,thats what your disk button is for,takes a while to learn to interpret your machines signals but you soon get the hang of it.
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