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  1. Ridgemonkey power pack, £50 cheaper than the Deben ones http://www.ridgemonkey.co.uk/item/vault-12v-5v-powerpack
  2. Scope has all the bits and the box Bottle was retested and filled last year Ultra is a multi shot Is £1200 a reasonable price...
  3. Hi Got a Hw100T .177 with Airmax 8 - 32 x 50, Deben bipod, adjustable butt pad, 3 mags Ultra MMC .22 Bsa scope, bipod 9L Carbon bottle 300bar, in test, gauge and whip Looking to shift the whole lot on
  4. Weather is crap for fishing, great for the sunbathers Plastic baits, will stop the crays What sort of range were you fishing at...?
  5. Women i worked with her hubby as just come back from the States after type converting on to the F35
  6. Just had 5 Spitfires over my house.... the sound of Merlin engine
  7. View Advert Century Fs Century FS 12ft 3lb TC Focal Systems, standard factory build with 40mm butt ring. The FS has an NG top section, so nice to play fish on, but is more than capable of putting a 4oz lead 160yards. Good condition, reason for sale only fish at 50yards these days, Century FS Advertiser Flipper_Al Date 03/07/18 Price £350.00 Category Fishing Kit
  8. Fisher it a few times, loads of small commons. There is an old river bed that runs the length of the lake, easy to find with a marker float, stick a bait in it
  9. Be you love feeling the wind in your vagina riding that
  10. Only 90, arse cheeks hanging like a set of panniers
  11. First 100mph 250 was the X7
  12. I know, took me 18 months to restore it Wish i hadn't sold it
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