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  1. small bit of free advice, filling in your profile with as much info as possible, and making a first introduction post about yourself, age/location/pictures etc, may see you getting better replies
  2. it must be because you asked for it to be used via a club, as I was given sec 1 last year, my reason, pest control of squirrel dreys, got it no hassle
  3. The answer is in the link spence put up above - i.e the general licence. If you can prove it's for crop protection or to prevent disease, to protect or preserve flora and fauna, or for health and safety, AND you ensure the pellet doesn't leave your boundary, (by using suitable backstops), AND you have permission to shoot there, then yes. sorry, it's still not legal, you also have to PROVE first that all other means to stop them have been done first, ie pigeon spikes/netting/anti perch glue etc, once all that is in place, and ferals are still coming in, in large numbers for roosting, then you can remove them legally by culling for health & safety reasons all birds, even those on the pest species list, are protected by law, back stops in trees are called tree trunks I shoot ferals nearly every night for london underground, I still have to follow the rules
  4. funnily enough I've just got back into detecting, after a 20yr break, I thought I saw the rakeaboot name on another detecting site, (I'm dexters shed) my first ever find 20yr ago was this, and it's what made me hold onto the detector, although I've got back into it, I too want the garret ap pro international
  5. I love vitara's, never had a diff go on me, drive through anything, have seen defenders stuck where mine drives through, I wasted money sticking all terrains on iit for 6 months, before changing to mud terrains and leave on all the time, a little more noisey on tarmac, but great when you hit the brown stuff
  6. just as an update, I got in touch with a patent attorney, seems that if your copying for own use only, and not for re selling, then no laws are being broken, so all good on that
  7. having been following the flow team from the start of the campaign at start of the year, I order 7 flow frames, I was then given a further 3 flow frames free of charge for helping out as a moderator on their forum, nothing to do but wait till next season now, have 4 hives in the garden and another 8 in my woodland, I doubt I would put these on all my hives, but it looked a fun item to try
  8. just stick a tube in it, it's what I do on lawn tractors
  9. ok, my mistake, he said I was infringing the patent, his bottom killing chamber is self sealing, so when removing a container full of half dead wasps, your not going to get stung, mine is a used 500ml pepsi bottle with no such sealer is that different enough, or is it that no one else in the world can use a second killing chamber?
  10. ok, so reading the plans, he quotes that using 3 flutes does not make the trap effective, so they use 4, so if I carry on using 3 (used 4 in the picture) would that class as different enough ? can't figure out how the make the bottom different
  11. he does have copyright on it, I checked EP1399017 B1
  12. ok, so I keep a few bee hives and am a pest controller, and every year we get wasps, now a lot of beekeepers rush out and buy shop sold wasp traps, me, I prefer to make them out of the old pop bottles, and this year had good success with them, both on wasps and hornets, which I get quite a few off in my woodland, so I got my thinking head on, looked at lots of trap designs and came up with this, it's made from one large,one small pepsi bottle, four silicone sealant nozzles, a bit of waste pipe and glue, as normal I posted a "how too" video on youtube, as a similar design shop bought trap was £32 !!!!!!! mine cost 62p within an hour of posting it on a bee forum, I had mail from the inventor of the shop bought trap saying I was infringing copyright and that I should remove the video, not knowing the law I did so, but having asked a few others I'm getting a 50/50 divide of answers on whether Im ok or not, some are saying even items made from scrap can be deemed as breaking copyright, others are saying that it's only relevant if I went into production and tried selling, and homemade stuff (recycled) is exempt, others have said carry on, just don't put up videos, but that's me, I like to show others how to do stuff the inventor tried offering me 6 free traps, but I thought this was a ploy to get my address to sue the arse off me so I declined the offer but I did ask him what I could change on my trap, so it wouldn't infringe his, his reply was.... staggered flutes to side walls of top chamber, coupled to a second killing chamber Anyone have any ideas ????
  13. well, your pm made me look back in here, aint been on in a fair while, bought myself a woodland so that tends to get all my attention, along with all the bees I keep, glad your on the mend
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