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Davey t63 put me onto the Mamba lite 3-12 x 44 scb, - on top of the T Rex, seriously accurate and i am thinking of putting it onto the 100 kt.

I love the "bog standard" Hawke Sport hd 4-12X50 on the HW 100 ks .22 cal - lovely well balanced rifle combo for mooching.

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Best scopes for air rifles I've ever had are;


BUSHNELL SCOPECHIEF 4-14X50 AO 30/30 RETICLE with sunshade. Currently used on HW77 .22. Utterly dependable, stays right on the money all day and night and never let's me down. It has outlasted all other scopes on my air rifles over the last 15 years I've owned it.


SIMMONS WHITETAIL CLASSIC 4.5-14 x 40mm SUPERNIGHTVIEW. AO 30/30 DUPLEX RETICLE. The only scope that has, until I bought the Nikon Fieldmaster, withstood the crack recoil from my FAC HW80 where it has sat since rifle was new 18 years ago

NIKON FIELDMASTER 6-18X40 with side-focus and sunshade. Bought it for my Daystate Regal PCP. Has a very fine wire crosshair reticle with a red centre dot. Put this on 30-metres zero and a rabbit's head and it's dead as dead. Use on FAC HW80 but superb on all my other rifles too. Superb target scope.


HAWKE PANORAMA 4-12 X 50 MM AO EV IR with 10.5 half-mildot reticle. Performs beautifully with my HW97K .177.


HAWKE PANORAMA 4-12 X 40 MM AO EV IR with 10.5 half-mildot reticle. Currently sitting on my Daystate REGAL where it performs superbly at all light levels.


Edited to add.

I would love to find another HAWKE 6-18 X 42 AIRMAX AO SR12 RETICLE SCOPE. This was a blinder of a scope with my HW77 .22 . Alas, Mark's warning came too late and my FAC HW80 wrecked it in 5 shots and had to be binned. But with the help of chairgun, it proved a lethally precision-accurate scope for long range accuracy with sub-12 ft/lbs '77..

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Never got on with hawke but I won't bang on about them. Let Sleeping dogs lie and all that!!


Nor am I a mildot user. I seem to get by in life without them.


Simmons WTC. Over 10 years of hard life before it failed.

Bushnell seem to be favouring for me.

Burris and redfield.


My shooting buddys got a mamba and it's decided to fog up!

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I have lots of different scopes but for hunting I feel the best scope I have used is a hawke endurance 3x9 40 mil dot . I dont think the make of scope important . the scope has no AO , or illuminated reticle ect , it is a very basic and the weight is quite low .The scope has plenty of magnification the mil dots are very handy . carrying the gun about all day the scope is very smooth it dosent catch on thing or collecting rain and dirt . also some big scopes make guns feel a bit top heavy especially on spring guns . so a 3x9 40 miil dot on my 97k is a very good combination .

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I remember doing a speech and presentation at school in 1976 over shooting/ hunting with air rifles. My rifle was a Relum Tornado with a 4 x 15 sight plonked on top :icon_redface: .

I had to re- zero approx` every 8 shots but the wild, wild memories were and still are a lifetime treat.

Then came the wonderful 4x20 :laugh:

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I am quite partial to the little Simmons wtc 1.5-5 x20 scope, have got one sat on a skan bull pup which it suits spot on, for Rapids and stuff though I like the falcon scopes either the standard menace non ffp or the later ffp ones, nice optics and build quality :)

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