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  1. I handled one when I was last over at tawns, cracking workmanship and quality, side lever really nice to,use not clunky like on a hw100 nice and smooth, I am looking at getting the hm1000x when joist at airgun heaven gets back from his jollies
  2. I have got an early one, not sure if it's pre he though, what you looking at paying? It's all complete with open sites and x2 stocks, a deluxe one and the standard one. Will dig it out and take some pics if you want?
  3. Theoben rapid mk2 with the scalloped block and mk4 trigger, would get a nice one for 6-700 get a decent bottle from go dive for 200 then spend the rest on mags and pellets
  4. What about the Fenman?
  5. Not born here mate, moved when I was 8 so to the locals even after nearly 30 years of living here I am still an outsider! Although have had some bloody good shooting since moving here wildfowling on the marsh, pheasant,bunny bashing you name it
  6. Have sent you a message about the Fenman.
  7. I have had a cricket since January not sure I like it to be honest, I am a bit of a dyed in the wool rapid fan though but I found the cocking lever on the cricket to be awkward to get to whilst in the aiming position. Have also got a old school skan bull pup from the 90's which is pump action and lovely to shoot but with a crap shot count
  8. I am quite partial to the little Simmons wtc 1.5-5 x20 scope, have got one sat on a skan bull pup which it suits spot on, for Rapids and stuff though I like the falcon scopes either the standard menace non ffp or the later ffp ones, nice optics and build quality
  9. I tried to work out exactly what I have got but stopped counting guns when I got to 26........... Of which 13/14 are theobens and didn't even want to give myself the headache of trying to figure out how many spares and barrels and such like mainly theoben (keep telling myself hey ain't making anymore so best grab em when I see em!)
  10. I know not strictly shooting but is anyone going to the war and peace show? There are shooting related things there
  11. Hi all, New member here, have been shooting since age of 5 and am now 37 so quite a while, mainly interested in theobens and bunny bashing have got a few Rapids and gas Rams and a kalibrgun cricket that I am not to sure on! Looks like a good forum
  12. Will take the Fenman, where in Lincolnshire are you? Could collect this afternoon?
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