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  1. According to my local ONCFS, they can be shot on provate ladn, with a permid de chasse. "Monsieur, La destruction à tir des espèces chassables (ragondins/rats musqués) est un acte de chasse et requiert par conséquent la détention d’un permis de chasser, même en terrain privé." At least .22LR can be used on them, even if air rifles can't. This from my local ONCFS in response to my emailed query: "2) De l’utilisation de la 22 LR pour la destruction des ragondins/rats musqués : Aucun texte de portée nationale ne prohibe l’utilisation de ces armes pour la destruction des espèce
  2. Just use a silencer when no-one's around and bury the results!
  3. Well, according to the ONCFS, it is perfectly OK to use a .22LR on anything without hooves, unless there's a ban in your local department. As follows: La carabine 22 LR a réarmement manuel et à percussion annulaire est une arme à canon rayé classée en catégorie C, soumise à déclaration. Son acquisition et sa détention sont autorisées au chasseur. Mais son utilisation est interdite pour le tir du grand gibier, puisque selon l’article 3 de l’arrêté du 1er août 1986, relatif à divers procédés de chasse, de destruction des animaux nuisibles et à la reprise du gibier vivant dans un but de repe
  4. My ONCFS also says that if you trap a fox or coypu, "any humane means" may be used to despatch it. Some locals chuck the whole cage in the water to drown 'em -- not very humane, in my book. Others use a club, which often isn't instant, so not humane in my book. I use a 15 fpe PCP, which only takes one shot. In Brittany, there is no closed season for some pests like coypu, but a closed season for e.g. corvids and rabbits. Check your local préfecture's website and search for "nuisibles", you should find a local arrêté that lists which species are classed as pests, and when they can be shot.
  5. Nice one. Guess he was a bit narked that he wouldn't be inheriting some nice accessories to use or sell!
  6. Don't forget the silencers and optics... oops... Acquaintance of mine had rifles confiscated, got a receipt for them. Unfortunately, the receipt didn't list all the expensive glass sitting on the rifles, so when he got the rifles back, all they had were iron sights...
  7. Who explained this to you? The ONCFS? A few individuals, all hunters or pieguers, but always when queried get the response 'je crois bien', ive no personal need to investigate further as ive got my permits in place. OK, just phoned the federation de chasse for my departement. A lake owner does not have the right to kill a coypu/ragondin on his own lake. Without a permit de chasse you do not have any rights to kill any animal thats huntable including nuisibles (pests). I think theirs execptions as discussed earlier, mice/rats & moles probably. Yup, mice and rats are
  8. Who explained this to you? The ONCFS? I mentioned that the emails were received in June 2016. You both mentioned a "new" statute classifying coypu as nuisible -- do you have a link to this?
  9. Nope. I have a 22LR, .410, several air rifles and handguns (22LR and .357 magnum), and have never had a police inspection of my pistol safe or to check how I store my guns & ammo. As far as I can see from the government websites, coypu are classified as a pest species (nuisible). However, as of June 2016, it was not classed as a pest in my department, according to the ONCFS: "La liste des espèces chassables classées nuisibles varie en fonction du département : elle est fixée par l’ Arrêté du 30 juin 2015 pris pour l’application de l’article R. 427-6 du code de l’environnement et fi
  10. Do you have a link to the official ruling you mention about coypu now falling outside the Permis de Chasse rules? It's the first I've heard of it, and I'm sure pjg.222man would be very happy to hear about it! As for your springer, I contacted my local firearms dept. when I put a V-Mach kit in my HW97K. It was originally registered as 20+ joules, and is now running at around 18 joules. They said it should stay on ticket, however, since that's how it started out.
  11. As stated, we're not lawyers. French Federal law is however pretty clear, unless it has been modified by the local Préfecture -- some areas allow the use of silencers on firearms used to hunt coypu, for example. According to our local ONCFS, all animals except rats and mice are classified as either "huntable" (chassable) or "game" (gibier). Either way, the only animals than can be legally taken with an air rifle and without a hunting licence are rats and mice. Silencers may not be used for hunting. A Permis de Chasse is required for hunting any animal other than rats & mice. Did th
  12. I got the gist, Colin. FYI our club has about 60 members, and if memory serves they have two .22 pistols, a couple of .357 magnum revolvers, a 9mm pistol and a .40 pistol for members' use. As far as I'm aware, there's no 1000 round limit for the pistols or the members -- you just buy what you want from the club to shoot in their pistols. Only when you get a pistol détention of your own does this change, and then you can no longer buy ammo in the calibre of your pistol. You can however still use the club's guns and buy ammo for them in other calibres. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi Coypu Hunter Newbie here and apologies if this is hijacking this thread (a little bit - well... a lot) I've been invited to France (from teh UK) to look over a private range that is part of a property that has just been purchased. I am hoping it may be possible to open the range to allow guest/visitor shooting of Cat B firearms but I have a couple of questions that I hope you may be able to help with or steer me in the right direction as i've not had much luck traversing the french legislation... Do you know if there is a limit to the number of firearms a shooting club can hold
  14. you'll love katchum then. I haven't had the pleasure...
  15. do yourself a favour n feck aff, were out so accept it ya gurney kunt Well hello there! It's always a pleasure to meet someone whose IQ is smaller than their shoe size!
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