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Show Us Your Plummer's

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couple of mine

[attachment=Great thread this,nice to see Plummers grafting.Couple more of mine, out early doors this morning on one of the farms i do most weeks,killed 21 not the biggest bag but a few hours cracking

I'll start this is jack just turned three  

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couple of mine




about the best looking Plummers I've seen on here nice square heads credit to you


these are great looking dogs there gillydog

they all look great the more i see and read about them making me want one i do like the squarer heads one more for some unknowed reason.

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A few pics of my plummer bitch pup coming on a treat just turned 6 months doin everything I throw at her and the nose on her is outstanding she's marking warrans that the older experienced lurchers have walked over can't wait for next season

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that wee dogs tail tells me its game for anything ,a real cracker :thumbs:
thanks pal yea she's certainly game lol, seen an killed her first rat today an I know that's nothing for a dog of her age but that's because I'm more into rabbiting than ratting at the moment, she was doin sumersaults to get at it, took the dogs for a quik mooch then an she pushed a bunny out an the lurcher caught it couldn't be happier with her at the moment
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Couple more of mine,Jen up on scarefell in the lakes these little dogs have heaps of stamina they've done these peaks quite a few times with me now .Bunty with rat my first Plummer [no longer with us ],Jen and Grace taken weekend out mooching for rabbits.Ty my brother inlaws dog half brother to jen.post-76374-0-99648000-1426106079.jpgpost-76374-0-17172500-1426106362.jpgpost-76374-0-53925800-1426106430_thumb.jpgpost-76374-0-92465100-1426106484_thumb.jpgpost-76374-0-03236600-1426107364.jpg

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