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  1. bah pudd rogue 6 month already,she's looking canny strong for a pup.looking like she's taking after her mother
  2. got to be pud there complaining about,nowt else to see
  3. good clean up when I got him home and he was sorted,he's a tough as owld boots
  4. pudd,just seen the pics of scott's trip did he have the pup or just tammy.pics look good as always omanyra. atb stew
  5. brand new un-used bought of splinters on ebay cost £75 posted want £55.collection only.prudhoe northumberland
  6. pity you didnt live near northumberland,me mates been looking for a good home for a 9 month old pup free ,out of good grafting stock ive got 2 brothers from different litters and they never let me down
  7. brand new front propshaft to fit nissan navara d22.£60ono
  8. could everyone keep their eyes and ears open please,my mate from ashington had his plummer bitch stolen from his keennel last night.If anyone hears anything let me know thanks as the lads gutted.
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