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  1. Giving advice over the internet isn't really a good idea regarding BOP and especially with regard to weight management. The person advising can't see the bird in question or feel its keel to see if it's fat or thin. Too much weight loss and the bird may well go low and possibly die. Trying to man a hawk that is too fat can sometimes cause the bird to hate the person and can result in aggression. The ideal solution for a beginner is to get someone who knows what they are doing locally, and who can give advice and tips on training/manning the hawk with a hands on approach. Un
  2. How does the Guide unit compare to the Pulsar Axion key?
  3. I only need a basic unit, no wifi or an ability to record is required. It is for daylight spotting small game rabbit, hare, pheasant out to about 200 yards if possible. Cheers
  4. I had a loan of my pal's Eye-ray Thermal spotter and it was a gamechanger. I was just looking for a decent spotter under £1000 that's good for daylight. What recommendations are there? Cheers
  5. Hi there I would never buy a secondhand hawk mate. Sometimes you can get lucky and buy a decent hawk, but usually there is a good reason for selling it. Some of the issues can be screaming, aggression etc. etc. A lot of problems can be fairly easily overcome, but why bother. Usually you can pick up a fresh young hawk for the same price as the secondhand hawk, but without the baggage. Harris' hawks train easily and fairly quickly and you would get a greater sense of achievement from bringing on your own hawk. Just my two pence LOL
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I've now flown 2 50/50 Albidus females. I think they're very good hawks and like how they perform.
  7. Hi George Can I ask if the Gos is a pure Albidus? Very nice btw.
  8. Very nice. I wish I had the patience to make a decent hood. I tried it once but gave up after a while
  9. I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun flying her. Good luck with her.
  10. Hi Robert Are you imprinting the Spar or going for PR? And what do you intend to fly her at? Good luck
  11. Thanks mate. I'll try and source one the same size.
  12. I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction where I can buy a replacement filler valve O ring for a falcon lighthunter? The gun was leaking from the end so I removed the filler valve where I noted the O ring was quite brittle, but it appeared to be flat on one side rather than round. Just thought I'd check if you can use any O ring of the correct size or are they a specific O ring that needs to be fitted? Thanks
  13. Hi Mark Perhaps a highish rotating ring perch would suit. Most Goshawks seem to do fairly well on them. I must admit that although I've got a female imprint, my personal favourite is a Gos raised by an imprint. They come out steady and with sympathetic manning, seem to become very tame and steady in a short while. Out of curiosity, can I ask who bred her? Good luck with her. David
  14. Hi Moorman I've never used the Meng perch and it looks horrible to me LOL, but the guys who use them in USA like you say, seem to think they're great. I read an article explaining their use and it did make sense to me. I think you would have to get a metalworker to manufacture one for you. Pretty sure someone could provide the dimensions. Out of curiosity, is your Gos a PR or an imprint. Cheers
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