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  1. My bitch has remlap max jinx and trim in her breeding .
  2. Imo if you've paid descent money for a dog that you've done your history on irrelevant of what breed or job you have in mind I think you give more time and effort into the dog in order to achieve the standard you require rather than if it cost pennies it would be too easy to get rid at the first failed hurdle like a lot of dog peddlers on this site do .
  3. mole if you've read the previouse post you'll see that the quote Was made by fannbigun not me just my sausage fingers on a mobile by Mistake didn't realise I had made a post Anti I am not just choose not to brag about my hunting activities
  4. Im sure mole has plenty of pictures of his dog's just go on to pre loved or any of the other peddling sites to view them
  5. And the mole will say there photoshopped
  6. Good to hear there's a few about still and did knew they were from your stuff stormyboy but felt it not my place to bring your name into it as we all know how plummer threads can go eh ..Thinks it's nearly time for me to be looking for a young un to replace the old girl here as it goes and a relamp bred plummer would be up there for my choice out of them ... Is there any pics you have to put on for us to see fireman
  7. Didn't see any open day at the kennels as advertised it was just a dog show the kids were well disappointed but the show itself was well organised and had good attendance even though the weather was a bit dodgy at times in previous years the show itself was held in the kennel grounds with access to the horses fox hounds and puppies which was what the kids wanted to see.
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