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snizle68 just a quick one but how do you knowe the depth of the dig before the dog is entered to say deep or shallow john

snizle68 just a quick one but how do you knowe the depth of the dig before the dog is entered to say deep or shallow john

youd have a good idea looking at it but woudnt know if it's always like that, unless it's a very small size and depth. Tripod, I'd say the task was no push over and you probably couldn't pick ,choose ,many Burrows ??
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My last days hunting with him, he was as good as they say with both terrier and spade..............his people skills needed work though 😂

I no longer post to this site, however I watch. I saw Smithy several times at work, he was a  very big lump of a dog. Not kept at a sporting weight as he was always kennelled,  tall as yr knees. I saw

Late 90's granddaughter of smithy most of my stuff is down from her.

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hi snizle 68 no mate it did not matter how big or small or shallow or deep the dog was entered the only ground that was not liked was ash pits as you could jump on the top and hear it give way father down and smother your dog john

Would it not be tempting fate to put a mute terrier in an earth you dont have an idea of its depth pre-locater days,like if the earth went 3-4 metres in depth you were not going to hear a bump no matter how good the hearing was,hard enough to find a sounding type then let alone the silent ones.

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That's what I was thinking fatman.

Tripodcrest one could hazard a guess if a place looked deep or shallow granted you will be wrong from time to time also local knowledge if the earths had been worked before. I have seen mute dogs work and even with a locator it can be hard to know if they are on sometimes.

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Here's a spanner in the works I think the popularity of the mute terrier has deminised some of the working ability of terriers in general you now get a lot of terriers with poor voice having been breed down from mute dogs I personally would prefer to sit on a bank listening to a good strong bay rather than crawl around with my head to the floor trying to hear a bump or grunt no doubt some very good dogs have come from this dog have a bitch here now that does everything I want from her has one fault weak bay but with the collars and locators of today not such a issue just hope the battery's don't pack in but still like to hear a good bay maybe I am getting to old lol

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Lets rap this up, I would go as far to say that 99% of black dogs will have in there peds smithy blood in some way! Most people cant trace that far back so will say in all honesty they don't know. At the end of the day the dog threw workers at a high percentage to the amount of bitches he went to. End of story.

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