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  1. Great day out this one, had a great day there last year! Plenty of good people and good dogs in the ring!
  2. Edited just read the first post!!!!!! Better diet and get out and walk the thing!
  3. Zerky


    Try now Johno!
  4. Zerky


    Jesus ring me I have lost your number!! Need to speak to you babes!! xx haha
  5. Zerky

    Tyson Flurry

    Haven't read the thread but cant wait to see A.J smash him up!!!
  6. I voted ukip but im glad the cons got in if the labour party had got in I would be very upset!
  7. Havent been on for a day or two, its been busy!! haha. Nogadog is a mate and always will be he has my dog up with him and he is getting the best out of him!! "This is the life we have chosen" I suppose you are right mate, wish I had chose with a wiser head! But I believe its all worth it in the end, haha To be honest it was a bit of a pist up rant that was waiting to boil over with me over the last few months! Probably shouldn't have been said but it was! It starts with a mate asking for a lining, I wanted a pup out of the bitch but it was quashed! Im sure loads of people have been in he same situation!
  8. I mean you cant do that you want with your own dog!! I under stand the breeder should have a say if $ is not changed hands!! But if it is going to benefit your yard do what you want!! Offer the breeder a pup and that's the end of it!! If they don't like it would you say f**k them!!!?????
  9. How many of you feel the powers of terrier politics? I hate to say it but I feel it! my dog was going on 3 bitch this summer but I believe none of the happened because of politics!! So f**k it from now on I'm going to do what I want!! Anyone ever been in the same position and felt the same??
  10. f**k it off in the bin I haven't smoked in nearly a year! Bloody hate the things worst thing I ever did was start smoking!!
  11. Bloody wish you had put this up 6 weeks ago I would have been a very happy man, but its now back to the drawing board!! Great service you are offering!!
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