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Stud dog was for a mate that had 1 of the pups off me and i bred to keep a pup for myself I gave the bitch away for free never forced anyone to have her and she'd killed hares and rabbits with me and I seen videos of the bitch after I gave her away catching rabbits so where is the wrong in that?

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Seeing if this works . Bitch pup I got of snoop and login and the first I have had of this breeding.

this dog was great on the plough                        

Iv spoke to and known snoop years now, and not heard one whisper of the dog jacking, he,s the first to say if dog has had a shit day, he,s never once bigged the dog up, when to be fair he should have.

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if people bothered to ask the other side of the story people would know the truth instead most on here just believe what they want to hear this used to be a good site now it's full of crackers bullshiters and shit stirrers there's always been a few but just lately it the majority I really couldn't give a f**k what strangers on here think of me people that do know me know I'm a decent dog lad with a big heart and will help anyone in need out I enjoy my dogs I enter comps and will match I'm as game as they come and never spit my dummy out if I lose that's me except me or go play games with someone that gives a f**k I don't care either way atb Dean

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