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  1. davey

    Show Us Your Pups

    real nice pup
  2. davey

    Show Us Your Pups

    cheers Davey he's a delight to own I missed out on a pup off first litter and ended up with a bitch out of razor very similar looking
  3. davey

    Show Us Your Pups

    Brambles that is a stunning pup
  4. davey

    Measured The Pup Tonight

    Love seeing a pup relies what it's bred for
  5. davey

    Lurcher Pups Food

    Same as trigger and puppy milk
  6. davey

    Fao Desertbred

    Aaron why ???? You sound a nob
  7. davey

    Colour Of Dogs

    I won't own a pure white dog , but any other colour is fine I'm the one who has to feed walk and house it
  8. davey

    Measured The Pup Tonight

    6 month old 15-1/2 16 inch to the elbow nice big dog 30 tts
  9. davey

    3/4 Greyhound1/4 Deerhound

    Real nice litter and fast straight line ideal for what there were bred for ,
  10. davey

    3/4 Greyhound1/4 Deerhound

    Yes mate my mate took her , bonnie her name is big strong bitch that done very well she must be 7 now and the old boy still gets out with her but I haven't seen much of him after falling out with his lad
  11. davey

    3/4 Greyhound1/4 Deerhound

    Wrong bloke mate my dog was out of shame litter as charpolski bitch
  12. davey

    3/4 Greyhound1/4 Deerhound

  13. davey

    3/4 Greyhound1/4 Deerhound

  14. davey

    3/4 Greyhound1/4 Deerhound

    You got to love a big dog my 1st cross
  15. davey

    Measured The Pup Tonight

    done it with all my dogs and it's not a bad guide try it see what you think