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golf course

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Do you honestly believe that a Lurcher, (or any breed of dog, for that matter), can show that degree of intelligence.... Remembering the lay of the land, where the quarry will be and where it will ru

You could say that of any place matey.........where does it end? Do I not run on a southern golf course?.........or in cumbria because of the odd boulder?.........or maybe I lay off in the Cotswolds

Turbo bunnys on them, show a good dog up most of the time

I have two golf courses close to home I lamped them regularly when I was younger just because of the sheer amount off rabbits on them. Yes they can be dangerous and the bunnies are alot faster. You could also break a dogs heart easy running them on courses constantly.

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Lad that I lamp with lost a good dog on a golf course, I agree that the bunnies are quick on the tight grass, but the dog hit a raised bunker and snapped his neck, just a word of warning.

I lost a bitch the same way John,i still lamp on the odd golf course mainly in the summer when i am out for a bit of ferret food but i pick and chose my slips very carefully ,the rabbits run like they are on carpet and most are caught as the fcuk up when hitting the cover

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mate a wis surprised way ma big pup<in photo>catching in places on golfy a,ve only ever had 1 on before an that was with a beddywhippet ,a was thinking about this an am starting to wonder weather its a mixture of him using his napper and the thickness of his paws giving him good grip on the course,never the less there are rapid on the solid surface,,,

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Guest long-tail

been running them for years had many a mishap with the dogs to go with it them bunkers and trees dont take many prisoners,lot of heart in the mouth stuff at times,golf courses vary a lot with the amount of fairway space and rough ground as well,knowing the course very well is key to when you slip the dog knowing which way bunny is going to head for home,all the dogs iv had could pick a few up but never any numbers them bunnies can shift no doubt,good place to go to get a pup looking up the beam although never start them out this way you will bust it for sure

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